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Watermelon Zkittlez Infused Preroll by Jeeter

Watermelon Zkittlez | .5G infused Preroll Jeeter | Where: Nirvana Center

When I came home from work, I was given this very pretty Jeeter jar with a pre roll inside. The smell of fresh cut watermelon smacked me in the face the moment I opened the jar. Just the thing I needed to take Pickles on a walk. The half gram pre rolls are the perfect size for me. This is an indica strain and I definitely loved the relaxing effect I had shortly after finishing our walk. I cuddled up on the couch with a good book and enjoyed my high for roughly an hour. I recommend the Watermelon Zkittlez if you enjoy fruity terps and want to wind down from a long day! They are popping up at most dispensaries in the valley now, so go ahead and get some. They have quite a few different strains on the shelves in Nirvana, and as always, tell them the Cannabis Cactus sent you! By Courtney Baker – @bake.gets.baked.


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