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Trumed | Sherbanger OG #11

Trumed | Sherbanger OG #11

If you are looking for one gram of cannabis, Trumed has a lineup of boutique strains to choose that will satisfy any discerning craving. Sherbanger OG #11 is a super potent cross of Sherbert x Headbanger. Sherbert smells wonderful and is highly regarded for its fruity flavor. Headbanger is a gassy indica hybrid that gets its potency from the lineage of Biker Kush. The mylar bag packaging compresses the trichomes a bit but that's solved easily by transferring the flower to an independent glass jar. I respect the brands that keep packaging simple and keep the focus on the product inside. Sherbanger OG effects were strong and, at $20/g, this Trumed cut remains fairly priced among the best in Arizona.

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