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The Superior Dispensary

Have you ever been to The Superior? No, I do not mean the town in Arizona, although that is where the name came from. I am speaking about The Superior Dispensary located on the Westside of Phoenix on 57th avenue, close to the 202 freeway and Van Buren. The Superior has always been a go-to for me. From the products on the shelves, to the people behind the scenes, the team has always been amazing and done some amazing work. I have been shopping here for years and in that time I have gotten to develop a friendship with the staff as well as the Manager Kevin Freund and even the owner Mr. Steve Shapiro. Steve and his team have turned this place into what I can easily say is my favorite dispensary in the whole valley. So let me tell you some reasons why The Superior Dispensary has been my go to for the past 3 to 4 years. But before we dive in, I’d like to give you a little background on The Superior Dispensary: Home Of The Solventless and it’s origins.

Steve Shapiro had a friend that was healthy, young and very athletic who passed away in his early forties due to cancer. Shapiro always wondered if medical marijuana could have provided his friend some relief in the end, if he could have accessed it. The experience stuck with Shapiro to such a degree that when the opportunity to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona came up, he knew it was what he wanted to do. The Superior Dispensary was originally Superior Organics and opened in the summer of 2013 with a central Superior location right off Highway 60. Fast forward a few years and The Superior Organics was now The Superior Dispensary and made a big move from the town of Superior to their current location in West Phoenix.

The Superior
Photo by Michael Woodall

Steve Shapiro called the Town of Superior “the best kept secret in Arizona” and it’s funny, that’s exactly how I felt about this wonderful dispensary when I first discovered it in 2018. The location was not in a busy area, the dispensary itself was not very large making it easy to spot and select products and they had some of the best products that were currently on the market. Every time I went, it was a quick in and out with minimal interaction with other patients. I also heard once, “Home is where the Hash is” and The Superior Dispensary was literally the only dispensary in the entire state that had hash, not hash oil but old school traditional hash like beach sand, dry sift, pressed hash, bubble hash and temple balls. This instantly made me a fan of theirs even more because of all the great memories I had with traditional old school hashes.

It’s kind of funny that the first and only place I saw with that old school hash is now “The Home of The Solventless”. The team over at Superior, specifically John – @hashmanjohn on Instagram, has been putting in hours upon hours of and a ton of love into this art form of producing such fine solventless products for the Arizona Cannabis Community to enjoy. The Superior Dispensary is considered the home of the solventless because everything they produce themselves is one hundred percent solvent free. From the hash infused pre-rolls to the edibles made by the new Chef Barbara everything that has the Superior logo will be completely solventless as well as vegan, all made with their in-house rosins and hashes. Speaking of Rosins and Hashes, John has really been outdoing himself in the lab lately. 

John has been working on some pretty amazing stuff the past few months for all the solventless dabbers. You can actually read the full reviews in our Cactus Approved section for some of these new products. John has been working very hard on their persy live rosin THCA and sauce, diamonds and gems. What they are doing is getting solventless THCA and molding it into a Diamond or Gem shape and pouring a solventless High Terpene sauce over it, creating a solventless version of THCA diamonds and sauce. They are also giving options without the mold, which I find makes it very easy to mix the two to ensure every dab is both potent and flavorful. Although it may be a little pricey, if you’re all about solventless then I suggest you go to Superior and at least ask about their Persy line. 

The Superior Dispensary Infused Green Hatch Salsa
Photo by Michael Woodall

Now as I mentioned, The Superior Dispensary also has a new chef who is doing some amazing and tasty things in the kitchen. Barbara is the chef in the back working on some really great tasty yet healthy infusions for patients and customers alike. They are going to be whipping up some really great stuff they are calling Super Infusions using the solventless hash and rosins they produce in house. The first round of solventless edibles they will be doing will be Steve’s Salsa, papis chocolate syrup, stoned ground hash peanut butter, jam, alternative (milk) chocolate selection – oat milk based, all 100% vegan gluten free. I have had the pleasure of trying all of these, besides the alternative Chocolates, and must say you guys are really in for a treat. All of these will be first available in 100mg packages, but as a family owned business focusing more on the medical aspect, they will offer 500 mg options. Medical patients will be able to purchase higher doses at a fraction of the cost, only being slightly higher than the 100 mg options. If you don’t have a medical card, I highly suggest you get one. These higher doses will be the most affordable solventless edibles on the market and is a great option for those who don’t always want to have to eat candy to get medicated.

I truly hope that if you haven’t already visited The Superior Dispensary here in Phoenix, these words help convince you. You definitely should be shopping there. I mean, what’s not to love about this place. They are small and family owned and as I said, they definitely always make me feel like family every time I am in there and did so before I ever started here at The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. They truly care about their patients and customers and it shows with their outstanding service and the love and effort they put into their own products. I mean, when I ask “why vegan?” and “why solventless?” their answer is simply because it’s healthy. They care about what you put in your body and not just making a buck which speaks great volumes to me n hope it does yours as well. They also have some of the finest Hashes and Rosins in the entire state so even if you have tried some in the past, go again. I guarantee that it’s only improved. Please do yourself a favor and go visit or friends over at The Superior Dispensary: Home OF The Solventless and tell them The Cannabis Cactus sent you.

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