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The Melt Lounge – A SpeakEasy You Should Talk About

Hidden in the West Phoenix Valley, just off McDowell and 59th Avenue, lies a heady smoke shop that not only produces their own glass pieces, but also showcases many pieces from artists from all over. Cannabis has only been “legal” for a few months now, but marijuana enthusiasts all over the world have been hiding out in basements and rooftops toking on their fabulous flowers. If you happened to be shopping at Herb N’ Legends Smoke Shop and you knew Tim…and Tim HAPPENED to be there…maybe you were invited to The Melt Lounge to hang out, smoke a joint and speak of celestial beings and random weed thoughts.

The first time I ventured into The Melt Lounge, I had been visiting Tim and grabbing an amazing glass piece from his collection when he said, let’s go to the bathroom. I like Tim and he is a homie, but not that kind of homie. Tim, my wife, and myself excused ourselves to the washroom and once inside we were greeted by the most unique bathroom ever. Pipes and glass adorned the walls and this bathroom was something out of a Salvador Dali painting. We were not here to admire the clean commode, but we used a secret entrance to gain access to Tim’s underground lair – The Melt Lounge.

The Lounge is almost a tribute to Herb N’ Legend and his glass art because as you walk in there are display cases with some dope glass and memorabilia. Gaze up to the right and you are greeted with an amazing view of the glass studio. I have never been in The Melt Lounge when there has not been an artist blowing glass and ignoring me staring at them like they are a lion caged in a zoo at feeding time. The ambiance of this spot is that of Glass Studio, Museum, and Chill Spot. The Melt Lounge is currently booking parties and events that are cannabis friendly.

Tim is very excited at the prospect of opening the lounge to the public and wants to allow patrons to enjoy the combination of glass art, music, and cannabis culture at this space. Herb N’ Legends’ vision was always to create a studio for musicians and intellectual minds to expand and outreach by collaboration on the HIGHEST level. Check out for more information.

Currently, there are no rules on the attending and participating in a cannabis lounge written in Proposition 207, but as more lounges open, ridiculous rules will most likely follow. Remember, you can only purchase cannabis products from a licensed dispensary and you can only carry 1 ounce of flower and/or 5 grams of concentrates per Proposition 207 (Medical patients can 2.5 ounces) As more cannabis friendly lounges open up to the public for consumption, have fun, consume wisely, and be smart AND safe.

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