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The Green Scene: Xtra Laboratories

It can be difficult to find a CBD and Terpene company that can reliably supply all of the products you may need. Only a few CBD companies are creating all of their own products and controlling the entire process. Thankfully a new business, spearheaded by a group of very experienced individuals, is about to shake up the market. They go by the name Xtra Laboratories.


A Passion for Cannabis

When I stopped by the Xtra Labs location in Tempe, I was pleased to have a conversation with Josh, the CEO and Cofounder of the company. We discussed everything from the strain specific terpenes to how he got started in the business. From the beginning of us meeting it was extremely apparent that he knew a lot about cannabis. Whenever I would enquire about a product, he had a list of important facts and notes about how it was different than any of the other products. He told me that everything he knows he learned mainly from personal experience after countless hours of trial and error. Since he was young, he was always passionate about the plant, spending time growing it and working with it whenever possible. After years of practice, he found himself playing a part in building cannabis products and helping businesses create better end results. After all of those years working first hand with patients and businesses, Josh saw a huge need for quality CBD products and information about them. That notion was the inspiration for the Xtra Laboratories business.

Xtra Laboratories Group Shot

First Class Products

Xtra Laboratories’ products are incredibly well formulated for the most pleasurable and effective experience. They offer a variety of CBD products, terpene flavors, and accessories for an extremely affordable price. The CBD line has anything you may need from isolate, to tincture, and even salves. The products all use broad spectrum hemp derived CBD unless otherwise stated (i.e. isolate). The terpene line comes in strain specific and organic fruit options with more flavors than you could imagine. Xtra labs has focused on modeling nature with their products. As Josh puts it, when you smell the Blueberry Organic Fruit Terpenes, it will smell like the juice, the rind, and the seeds instead of just one of those things. To get this level of authenticity when recreating the terpene blend experience is no easy feat. All of the Strain Specific Broad Spectrum Hemp Derived Terpenes contain approximately 40-60 isolated terpenes mixed together. This level of attention and care is noticeable whenever you use an Xtra Labs product.


A Hub for Learning

The crew at Xtra Laboratories are probably the most knowledgeable I have ever found a staff to be about their product. Xtra Labs has done an incredible job of making themselves of service to anyone who wants to better understand Cannabis. When I stopped by the storefront, I had to make a purchase and I was glad I did. I ended up leaving with a variety of awesome stuff to try. My favorite thus far was the Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Tincture. Just like Josh had told me it would, it created a much more noticeable effect than I had anticipated. Xtra Laboratories is great because they are fully prepared to lead you into your CBD experience with information about how to use each product and how they will affect you. When I was choosing my distillate with strain specific terpenes, I went with the Durban Poison because Josh made me aware the terpene blend would be uplifting. The other option I had in mind, GDP, would surely produce a more sedative effect because of the higher percentage of Linalool. Being able to learn everything about your CBD product directly from the producer is a very powerful experience and its happening right in the middle of Tempe.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm Address: 1801 S Jentilly Lane a2, Tempe, AZ 85281

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