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Terp Slurper Set by @LostMyMarblesGlass

Terp Slurper Set | Terp Pearls  Lost My Marbles Glass | Where: @lostmymarblesglass

You may remember me doing a set from another artist last month where I mentioned the purpose of these pearls is to stir the dab as well as help with vaporization. These “smalls” are something I love to collect and was extremely grateful when a newer local artist gifted me these. You may know Eli or @gettinghighwitheli from events and videos but when he’s on the torch he goes by Lost My Marbles Glass. This particular set has a silver fuming technique that appears like blue lines in the clear glass. If you’re looking for affordable dabbing accessories or pendants hit up our friend Eli on his glass page. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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