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Tapletz | Effervescent Cannabis


Tapletz | Effervescent Cannabis 

Tapletz Effervescent Cannabis makes a refreshingly unique addition to the Arizona market as the first cannabis effervescence. Soon to grace dispensaries near you, these subtly flavored tablets instantly infuse into any liquid or beverage. Our tasting trials with sodas, colas, juices, and even alcoholic drinks yielded 100% reliability. What sets Tapletz apart is its use of whole plant medicines, diverging from the THC isolates commonly found in other drink powders. The well-rounded effects speak to the product creator's holistic approach, providing a unique and enjoyable experience. We eagerly anticipate this licensed product release by Chef Michelle Mango, renowned for her culinary cannabis expertise locally and nationally. Tapletz Effervescent Cannabis promises to be a fresh and innovative addition to the ever-evolving world of cannabis-infused products. Get ready for a new era of infused beverages that elevate the THC beverage experience.

20 x 5mg THC = 100mg THC



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