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Sweet Pink Grapefruit Live Resin by High Grade

Sweet Pink Grapefruit | Live Resin High Grade | Valleywide

This strain definitely lives up to its name. The terpene profile is usually on point from my experience. I have purchased this strain myself many times before and it consistently is nice and sweet like candy with hints of either grapefruit or tangerine. It absolutely not once ever had any other aroma or flavor. The other reason I have picked this up several times is that I like the effects. Although most sativa strains react to me the opposite that they do most people, making me more sedated and tired, this one is actually uplifting and euphoric. I find I enjoy this strain no matter the time of the day whether it’s the first dab of the day or last, this live resin from High Grade makes for a tasty treat. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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