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Suavecito Cake by Green Med

Suavecito Cake | Deli Style 8th Green Med | Where: Green Med Wellness Center

While taking a trip to Tucson and visiting a sponsor of our Harambe Cafe I walked right next door to Green Med Wellness Center where they had a nice selection of beautiful looking and smelling Deli style Flowers. It was definitely hard to choose but I ended up settling on the Suavecito Cake. This one stood out the most to me mainly because of the colors. Although I know purples and oranges don’t really mean much, I’m still a sucker for a pretty nug. The smell was also very pleasant, reminding me of a pastry but with an extra earthy funk to it. The effects were strong, hard hitting and a tad more on the sedative side. I absolutely loved the flavor on this one whether it was glass, paper or blunt. The cake-like flavor definitely came through strongly. If you are in Tucson or visit this is a must try. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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