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Street Weed Still Rules Canada

Two years after legalization and Canadians are still untrusting of the quality of their dispensary cannabis. BOGO’s and “First Time Specials” are unheard of north of the border and Canadian’s report that they simply do not trust the quality of dispensary flowers. High prices also make it difficult for patients to transition from the street to dispensary shopping. Edibles and concentrates have only recently been legalized and are still not available in the legal market. The two largest cannabis producers in Canada are Canopy Growth and Aphria Inc. Both companies are well diversified in the food and beverage industry, but are just beginning in the cannabis industry.

Aphria has seen a reported year-over-year revenue increase of 129%, coming in just over CA$543 million for 2020. Canopy, though almost 4 times the size of Aphria, reported a growth of just 76%, topping at CA$399 in revenue for 2020.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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