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Stoner Rob | Interview

Getting high and laughing my ass off listening to some stand up comedy is always a good time. They’ve said for years that laughter is the best medicine, well so is cannabis. The two go hand in hand. Tons of comedians use and/or joke about cannabis usage. Comedians in my opinion have helped normalize and legalize cannabis. Since the 60s, comedians have been breaking the taboo and stigma surrounding cannabis by incorporating it into daily humor, lives, and routines. When we think of stoner comedy and stoner comedians most think of Cheech and Chong immediately. That’s old school and yes it’s cool, but when I think of stoner comedy and stoner comedians, I think of someone who is currently doing comedy shows, hosting events, and smoking mad amounts daily. A man who’s name says it all and if you don’t know him or haven’t heard his acts well I bet after this you’ll be doing some YouTube and Google searching.. So let’s get this interview going so you can get to smoking, joking, and of course laughing.

Stoner Rob

I know you but maybe they don’t…. They should, but who are you? Wait who?

Lol I’m Stoner Rob mannnnnnn, The greatest entertainment Stoner in the wields jk. I’m a comedian mannnn, I travel the U.S and a few other countries performing at some of the most amazing comedy clubs in the world. I also have the privilege of traveling the world entertaining guests at cannabis festivals, events, and shows. Look me up lol. You can use bing or ask jeeves. Lmao jk

Where are you from or where do you call home?

I call Hollywood, CA my home but I’m born and raised in Riverside CA. So Cal bab.

We have smoked a ton together, but I know I’m probably the least coolest person you’ve toked with. Lol Who is the coolest person you’ve smoked with?

Oh man, that’s a hard one. I’ve smoked with so many amazing people. But I would have to say Tommy Chong. He’s just an awesome person and funny as all hell. You definitely top the list too. lol

How long have you been smoking?

Since the day before I turned 11 years old mannnn, and I’ve never looked back.

What do you do for a living and how did you get started?

I’m a professional comedian. I actually started on the radio. Soon after the Dirty Show gave me my first chance in 2010 at the Ontario Improv. Damn, I’m old. Lol.

Stoner Rob

Who was your inspiration?

Honestly, I was inspired by the old greats, Lucille Ball, The Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello, Rodney Dangerfield, George Carlin and more. I remember thinking if I could be that funny and that charismatic, I knew I could do it too.

What’s the best part about doing comedy and what’s the worst part?

The best part is the fame, the recognition, the people you meet. It’s a whole new high. However the worst part is the loneliness. Being away from your family more than 200 days a year. Feeling like you have to be “ON” all of the time. But I don’t wanna complain, I work 1 hour a night lol.

I’ve seen you do it all. Big comedy clubs, Charity Events, Car Shows, Cannabis events, and even my birthday party. What is your favorite type of event and or atmosphere?

I’m very old school lol. I love a good old fashion Comedy Club. The seating of the crowd, the feeling knowing that great legends have stepped on that very same stage. It’s a rush.

Stoner Rob

Are you available to be booked by companies and/or people? If so how and where?

Yes indeed always willing to slang jokes lol. Just email us at

If you weren’t a comedian what would you be? What did you want to be growing up?

A chef 100 percent. I enjoy food and the preparation of a great meal.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve had happen at an event?

Lol a guy shot himself in the foot at your birthday party ….. Which said lol.

Please feel free to add anything else.

I just want to thank everybody that supports live comedy and any kind of art or artist. Thank you all without you I’m not me. Oh and HAPPY 420 FAM!!!

So did you think of Stoner Rob? Do you know of Stoner Rob? Well like I said If you didn’t bet your looking him up. Stoner Rob is not only a funny stoner comedian but he is also a great friend to me and my family. We met a few years back at a cannabis event and have been friends since. He is very humble, very funny, and always very high. LOL… HE IS THE MAAAANNNN OF STONER COMEDY. A guy who’s birthday should’ve been April 20th.


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Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan



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