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Stoned in the Summer: Soda Pop Stop

Nestled in the Country Club Commerce Center, at the corner of Country Club and University, is the place where all cool snacks have found a home. They have done so at the Soda Pop Stop, a specialty grocer and heady shop. The owner, Michael, a man with a passion for helping others find their long lost favorite snack or beverage; opened the shop with his starting business partner Kelly. Outside the main area, and in a back room, we have everything that would interest the cannabis clientele. Items like dab accessories, pipes, rigs, papers, and cbd gummies were picked up to specifically cater to our crowd. This is a one stop shop for those Saturday stoner adventures, and with that, is a legitimization of the people living that lifestyle.

What inspired you to open this business?

Being 100%, I was on probation and attending TASC. I saw the space was open for rent and it was not too expensive, so I started this place with a few cases of soda and one refrigerator. After time and with effort it has grown into what you see now. Also a huge shoutout to Exotic Pops, he helped by creating the demand for these exotic drinks and snacks.

Tell us about the graffiti on the walls.

Yeah, graffiti done on the door by artist Angel Diaz, and on my walls, the Local Grimey Kids crew came and asked to collab because local law enforcement doesn’t see graffiti as an art type yet.

What is the most popular item sold here?

It would probably be the rare chips or Kit-Kats from Japan, and also rare Fantas.

You are a cardholder for MMJ; can I ask what you medicate with? Indica or Sativa?

Indica for Sure

Do you have any strains or dispensaries you want to call out as a favorite?

Tru|med or The Mint

With the laws we’re seeing now, do you think we’re headed to recreational or going to stay medical?

I hope they go recreational, and then maybe we can sell it here.

Do you think in the coming years, we’ll see cannabis drop from the same schedule 1 as heroin to something lower?

I feel like it should have already happened but news says hopefully maybe the end of this year. Reality and our luck it really is being in a few years instead of 2020 being next.

What do you guys have coming out at the Soda Pop Stop that people should know about?

Yes, definitely, lots of new flavors of sodas coming, and some snacks never seen in the United States.

I hope to see Michael succeed beyond all expectations! The selection and care for community truly shows, and with his humble generosity, I encourage you give Michael a visit. Meet the man who is a real life Willy Wonka, but is both by being, humble and kind. I know he looks forward to meeting any of you, and talking about some of the rare snacks or pop you’ve had. Look over the walls he provided for art by local kids to keep out of trouble, and bring their art to his community. Talk some cool strains, maybe a grab waste management dab bin, and ask Michael what he’d recommend.

Waffle or Pancakes?


What music are you listening to?

Since he’s passed, I’ve been listening to Nipsy.

Blunts or Joint?


Dabs & Edibles?



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