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Stinky’s Auto

“Anyone can change oil but you have to have a passion for what you do.” James, Owner

AuOIL Change: Bay 710

Stinky’s Automotive 1355 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281 (480) 545-0695

M-F: 8am-6pm Sat: 8am-5pm Sun: CLOSED

I hit the jackpot when I googled ‘oil change near me’ and pulled into Stinky’s Automotive in Tempe. Turns out this highly rated automotive repair shop is run by a cannabis friendly family who are members of our Arizona MMJ program and have an affinity for all things OIL. If you watch our Instagram page then you may have already seen videos of me changing my own OIL down in the bays. In their work lockers the crew keeps themselves stocked with medicine from the finest producers like Grow Sciences, WTF, MPX and others. They love to talk about new cannabis products with other patients and they treat every customer with service that goes above and beyond and oil change place you have ever visited.

Stinky’s Automotive opened off of McClintock and University just over three years ago. They have grown exponentially each year and maintained a solid customer base by simply providing stellar service. Inside the lobby, they have free popcorn for the kids and fresh carnation flowers for each customer as after checkout. Coffee and water is available for waiting guests and the lobby is decorated from floor to ceiling with an impressive collection of both racing and antique car memorabilia. On the way out the door, each client is offered a fresh carnation flower with their receipt. The staff at Stinky’s goes the extra mile with customer service.

“Stinky was my son Doug’s dog. He was a Shar Pei-Boxer mix that looked nasty, like a junkyard dog. He was my best friend.” – James, Owner.

As you pull into Stinky’s automotive in Tempe Arizona you will be greeted by Doug or one of the joyful crew members who will promptly start working on your car. These guys are also MMJ patients and probably medicated before servicing your vehicle. They work best under these conditions. You will have a lot of fun visiting Stinky’s in Tempe and can expect great service with smiles every time. We talked with the owner James about how he got started in the car repair business and how they use cannabis to combat the day to day aches and pains that come along with automotive repair.

Your staff are MMJ patients and you believe in cannabis as medicine. How is cannabis important as medicine in this line of work?

I have to use cannabis instead of using a pill. Cannabis is good because, in my business, I have been doing oil changes and getting in and out of cars since 1984. I’ve been in and out of probably a million cars while working on each of them. And now my hip hurts but instead of using pills and going to the doctor I tried the cannabis alternative. And it works. The inflammation and everything that it helps me with is amazing. I know THC because I puff and eat THC cookies but the new CBD products are helping me so much because I can work without the feeling of hallucinating or being high. Puffing is cool but when it comes down to it I need cannabis benefits during the day at work too. CBD works so well in my body and goes hand in hand with THC to help me through the day.

Do you to like to vape or use edibles? What’s your favorite way to consume?

I’m old school. I’m flower first and then I love the new CBD ointment and creams. I sleep so much better and I’ve learned to stretch and use other natural techniques as well. I’m getting old and the CBD helps so much along with important things like stretching that I’m doing now. I remember eating a THC cookie and passing out sleeping. Now I can get the benefits of CBD and save the THC high for after work. I’m all natural and the inflammation in my body is so much healthier from these things.

Bring your vehicle to Stinky’s automotive for great car care and to support this cannabis friendly business. Remember that Stinky was Doug’s dog and Doug is the son of the owner James. Ask for Doug by name and say hello to our fellow 710 crewmates in the bay. This is an auto shop that truly knows and appreciates quality OIL.

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