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Stars & Strains: Pisces – March 2019


Purple Punch, Grow Sciences

Look to the sunshine and sweet Maryjane to bring you out of the shadows. Try to abandon your shy self and set off on new adventures. There is more waiting for you out there in this great world and plenty of fun people to meet along the way. Smoke and fly to new perspectives.


Serpentine OG, Herbal Wellness Center

You have to embrace the changes that are taking place around your home, work and community. Do not let distractions keep you from working your plan. Things can change around you while you stay solid in your plan. Cannabis strains may change but the memories they provide will last forever.


Kosher Kush, Kind Meds

Finances can be stressful, but this should clear up in the months to come. Your easy going style will make any transition easy and you enjoy new prosperity. Be confident in your work and your look because you have everything you need to be successful in this moment. Try smoking chill indica strains to keep your energy balanced this month.


Jack Herer, Aeriz

This month you need cannabis and slow deep breaths because you gotta relax. Keep working on your goals and keep a strong perspective for the visions you have but remember that self care is most important and you are #1. Treat yourself to some extra edibles for the fun of it.


AK-95, Sunday Goods

Your coworkers, friends and family will give you new perspective that you didn’t realize was there before. Listen carefully to what they say. It’s best to trust your gut for making decisions in the coming months but open yourself up to new perspectives and some new cannabis products in the process. Mix it up.


Slimer OG, Available at Nirvana Center

Life is a balancing act. Stay active but be sure not to over commit to anything and know your limits. Lots of opportunity will be coming your way and you may have to choose based on your priorities. Just remember where there is a will, there is a way. Stay high and you will fly to new places.


Black Cherry OG, All Greens Dispensary

You are about to be upgraded in your mind and body. The stars and potent cannabis strains are aligned with a calm presence in your body. Use this time to recharge and take stock of what is most important to you. Nothing is too difficult for you if you stay focused on the small steps. Big things will seem to happen automatically.


High School Sweetheart, MUV Dispensary

It’s great to be decisive but do not be impulsive when you are high on cannabis. The strains that pair well with your sign are balanced hybrid strains. Remember this when you feel impulsive to make a quick decision. Sleep on it and let the answers come during times of patience.


Lemonade Haze, Metro Meds

How hard are you trying to work? Maybe take some time for yourself and slow down a bit. It’s great to be motivated, but rest has to be part of the plan. Meeting new people this month will lead to some new experiences and you should go with it. Make plans to try a new activity with some friends. Bring a joint to work too so you don’t get so stressed.


Chem Pucker, The Greenhouse Dispensary

Try to keep it real and do not worry about trivial things, this will only slow you down. Remember the important things like close friends and good weed. Things that will always be there when you need them. Your sign pairs well with potent indica flower this month. Go ahead and grab some edibles as well for evening doses.


Headband, Farm Fresh Organics, Oasis Dispensary

You may feel spaced out but there is nothing to fear. Keep your cannabis medicine close and your body rested. It’s hard to be on point every day and cannabis is really the only constant in your routine. Use it to your advantage to rest well at night and maybe even to jumpstart your day.


Ace of Spades, THW Labs, Oasis Dispensary

You are achieving your goal one small step at a time. There will be more errors along the way so you must learn to take the mistakes in stride. There will be another day and another joint so take it easy and just keep learning along the way. When you feel like you have lost your way, stop and puff a joint while your mind catches up.

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