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Stars & Strains: October 2021

Aries, Paragon

Garlic Budder, Green Gene Genetics

It’s the perfect time to get out more as the temperatures cool down and fall festivals begin. Cannabis can be part of your meditation during this harvest season. Enjoy your quiet times alone with a joint because you will need a calm soul to stay centered and focused during this busy social season.

Taurus, Angelic

Khalifa Kush, Tryke | REEF

Intellect will highlight your mentality this month. You can expect a rush of creative confidence as good ideas come easily. This courage will make you feel closer to your significant other and even those who come across your path in the coming days. Feel free to give extra smiles when you can, you will be one step closer to harmony. This is your time to make a difference.

Gemini, Return

Candy Store, Local Joint Flower

This month will be a time for reflection and quiet peace of mind. The influence from the house of Taurus has disappeared. Quiet time and meditation will be the best way to organize your thoughts while working towards a greater vision. Do not rely on cannabis alone for peaceful thoughts. A quiet mind will find unconditional joy in any circumstance. Joy comes naturally to us when we let it.

Cancer, Fury

Buffalato, Potent Planet

The call to the forbidden will never go away. You are feeling led to mysterious individuals and exciting encounters. There will always be a thrill around the next corner and your vitality comes from chasing the next thrill. This is built into your DNA. Just balance these feelings with calm ones. Cannabis will be there for the calm times.

Leo, Perspective

Gorilla Cookies, Shango Cannabis

If two people are having an argument, do not feel compelled to take sides. It’s possible that you will be finding common ground with both sides. This is a good thing. Reality is all about perspective and we all have a different one.

Virgo, Unique

Super Sherbert, Nectar Farms

Every person is a professional in some capacity. Make sure you are a pro of constructive things. Do not be a pro gossiper or a procrastinator. Ok bad pun, sorry. The point is that you are good at many things but need to take time to learn where you excel most. Smoke a joint and think about what makes you special.

Libra, Willpower

Ghost OG, Sonoran Roots

Where there is a will, there is a way. Do not think of anything as impossible. You are fortunate to have come this far and will be victorious no matter how hard the journey seems. Use cannabis to stay focused when you need extra deep breaths and relaxation.

Scorpio, Adventure

Dutch Treat Haze, Tryke | REEF

You won’t always understand where the ship is headed but sometimes you just have to trust the captain who is leading. Make sure you are following something you believe in and then just trust the process. Moments of doubt can be squashed by a heavy indica and some deep breathing.

Sagittarius, Charm

Pineapple Soda, Grow Sciences

Start expecting good fortune in your life all the time. You will be ready to seize the moment and make the best of it. Treat your losses the same as your wins. Never be too hard on yourself during a loss or too proud during a win. Use your indica to keep grounded during exciting times.

Capricorn, Sunset

Apple Fritter, The Superior Dispensary

It’s officially fall and you will have some fun during this harvest season. Go to a Halloween party all dressed up this year. The effort will be worth it and you may be surprised who you cross paths with during the full moon on October 13th. This is the one time of year you can be anyone you want to be.

Aquarius, Fate

Strawberry Icee, Tryke | REEF

Do not spend your precious time in this life worrying about when things will happen. Set your plan in motion and trust the process. Plan your work and work your plan. Things will happen when they are meant to happen. Stand back and let it be.

Pisces, Time

Ghost Lime Pop, Ponderosa Releaf

Do not be the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Slow down. This is not an excuse to be lazy. Wait, yes it is. Take a day for yourself if you need the time to recharge. Recharging between work projects will make the body and mind more productive in the long run. If time is the ultimate currency then it’s important how we spend it.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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