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Stars & Strains: July 2021

Aries, Rebound

Sour Willy by Dutchie

Don’t think of a whole day as a failure just because something bad happens. Think of each day as four parts. If you have a bad morning then you can reset with a smoke break in the afternoon and make the evening great. It helps to focus on the little successes each day and not to make each little failure a big thing that lingers.

Taurus, Family

Stop looking in the mirror and wondering about the past. This can turn a happy stoner stone cold. Focus on what you are building rather than what has been left behind. There is only so much you can focus on and between work, friends, family and of course sourcing fine cannabis products. All that matters is right there around you. Hold it tight.

Gemini, Destiny

Lemon Tree by Aeriz

You have come to a very powerful realization in your life, that you have the ability to manifest your own vision in this reality. You have the imagination to see past the normal goals and wish for greater possibilities. This imagination becomes reality because you realize this power is yours. This is your time. This is your turn. Take it.

Cancer, Leisure

22 Shred by 22 Red

Smoke as many joints as your heart desires. This summer is for hibernating as we combat record temperatures all over the world. Keep the sativas and shave ice handy like a good Hawaiian would. Hear the ukulele in your head as you enjoy a stoney summer no matter how hot it gets.

Leo, Patience

Zkittles Mints by Mohave Cannabis

The Mercury season of retrograde has ended and Jupiter moves into retrograde for the Aquarius and Capricorn signs. Be careful around these signs for the rest of summer because of your sensitive nature. Do not take things personally if you have tension during any interactions in public. We are approaching the hottest time of the year. Stay cool and stay stoned out there.

Virgo, Safety

Paradise Circus by Abundant Organics

You have been distracted lately by multitasking too much and this is your reminder to focus on one task at a time, especially while high. This will improve your work habits and home life as well. Maybe take multitasking down a notch this month. For example, do not roll blunts while behind the wheel. This is a call to safety.

Libra, Empathy

Sour Face by TruMed

You are in a comfortable position this summer and it’s important to be humbly thankful for the strong AC and the strong THC. This summer heat will continue to test you and test those around you. I am seeing people reaching their breaking point in line at the dispensary. They come off the street sometimes hot from walking or from waiting at the bus stop. It’s important to smile and offer extra compassion to those who are suffering this summer.

Scorpio, Go

Miracle Alien Cookies by Shango Cannabis

Stop over analyzing every little decision. This is the biggest waste of time and human energy. Be confident in your instincts to make good decisions. The feeling of uncertainty might hit you in line at the dispensary, in front of the potato chip aisle at the grocery store, or in the midst of an actual life changing decision. Wherever it is, just fire up a joint and trust yourself to make the right move. Disclaimer: Do not actually smoke a joint in line at the dispensary or grocery store!

Sagittarius, Pursuit

Ice Cream Cake by TruMed

Happiness is fleeting but we can find joy also in it’s pursuit, even in the obstacles of our journey. The stars are aligned this month to provide extra emotional support for your sign. Nothing can steal your joy during this cycle. Feel free to let down your emotional guard during this cycle of safety. Cannabis will be by your side as you fall and climb back up. Life may seem like a cycle of sustained suffering but you will find joy in the strength you receive from living through it.

Capricorn, Hold

Grease Monkey by The Superior Dispensary

If you invest in anything, do it for the long term. It’s wise to invest a bit of money each month, after all bills are paid, into something you believe in and forget about it. Maybe even save up for a decent home grow setup. You will be so proud to be investing in a better life rather than spending it on something trivial. It’s gratifying to turn seeds and soil into cannabis consumables. This is not financial advice.

Aquarius, Empirical

4 Prophets by DNA Genetics

There is no such thing as perfection and you will kill yourself seeking something that doesn’t exist. Life goes on with this or that, with whoever and whatever. Life gives us experience in reverse, teaching the lessons after the test is failed. Do not freeze from intimidation caused by a fear of falling short. Just goooo!

Pisces, Stardust

Gelato 33 by Tru Infusion

The stars that you come from and the strains that you smoke will make up who you are. Your surrounding environment shows much of who you will become later. Use good judgement when deciding who to hold court with and be careful who you let into your house. Figuratively and literally. But do not be a judgey gatekeeper either. Keep your heart open to new friends and experiences, just be cautious.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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