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Stars & Strains: Aries – April 2020

Aries, companion

Tomahawk, Grow Sciences

The stars have aligned to give you replenishing energy from your four legged companion. Look to your dog or pet in your life for comfort and good energy. Do not share your joint with them. But definitely give them CBD treats.

Taurus, create

Wedding Crasher, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Look for renewed strength and energy this month. Cannabis will give you well rounded nourishment in your mind. Use creativity to have new adventures in your imagination and your brain will release chemicals that will make your body feel restored again. A nice sativa blend will help with this.

Gemini, vibrate

GMO, Grow Sciences

The beauty of the universe we live in is that cannabis is being recognized as medicine. The stars also have medicine to go along with the strains that you smoke. Be sensitive to the vibrations in the universe and let them heal you each day.

Cancer, music

Orange Push Pops, Green Gene Genetics

Listen to new music. This is a great time to reset your mind with the vibes from a vinyl record or anything new to your ears. Listening to music is like smoking a joint. You want to feel each groove of the record. Digital music is like machine made pre rolls and live music and analog recordings like hand rolled cannagars.

Leo, love

XXX OG, Dutchie

Loves me. Loves me not. When all the leaves fall off of a cannabis flower, you will be holding the stem of a flower in your hand. We all end up with just the stems and leaves sometimes. Do not let this frighten you, you are not alone. Keep loving and keep lusting after love.

Virgo, smile

Lava Cake, Mohave

Share a smile. Let the virus of love spread throughout the Earth. Send your smiles and your energy to those around you who need it at this time. You are a happy person, but even you need a boost now and again. Luckily you have cannabis to kick you into gear. Smile at everyone, they may feel lonely and you have the love of cannabis during this crazy time on Earth.

Libra, alien

Khalifa Kush, Aeriz

You are an alien. You are not from here. The cannabis plant that you consume contains a knowledge that comes from another place. Alien life forms are so unique and it’s possible that we are the most alien thing in this universe. Do not forget how special you and your existence is. Microdose some edibles to help remember the stars you were born from.

Scorpio, clarity

Hope’s Cookies, Nova Dispensary

When times become uncertain and you feel confused, take a fat joint and an extra deep breath. Clear your lungs before you inhaled the sweet cannabis. Let clarity find your mind and renew your soul. The circumstances of this world will not affect your joy.

Sagittarius, relax

Blackberry Kush, MüV

Take a break from social media. This year has been emotionally draining for all of humanity. Consuming cannabis helps you relax, but you need to do more so that you don’t rely on cannabis only. Practice deep breaths and long walks outside, the fresh air will do you good. Try these activities one day a week with your family, no social media reporting or viewing for 24 hours.

Capricorn, health

Wedding Cake Gelato, SOL Flower

Do not be afraid of sickness. Your body operates with a lively immune system to protect you. Make sure you are eating nourishing foods and exercising regularly. Cannabis is not a miracle. Oh wait, yes it is. Every breath you take is a miracle. Your body can naturally heal itself and cannabis can help provide comfort during times of recovery.

Aquarius, science

Purple Chem, Green Gene Genetics

Do you have a Passion for science? It’s healthy to wonder where we come from while you’re smoking a fat joint. It’s good to mix philosophy and science to explore the wonders of the universe. Let your mind wander and enjoy a documentary about our solar system. A good one is from 2017 called The Farthest.

Pisces, plan

Saguaro Breath, Farm Fresh

Remember to plan ahead, even though you have no idea what will happen after you smoke this joint. It’s good to plan your work and work your plan. Your plan will never stay the same while it’s good to be thinking about where you will start even though you have no idea where you will end up.


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Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.

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