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Stars & Strains: Aquarius – February 2020

Aries, LOVE

Tropicana Cookies, Aeriz

What drives you and who do you really love. One thing is for sure, you love cannabis. It’s okay to be romantic with your weed. You feel like cannabis is the only one you can count on. Do not worry because love is coming into your life from a new direction. Cannabis will always be there but this new opportunity only comes along every so often.

Taurus, LOVE

Meat Breath, Potent Planet

Love the ones you are closest with and love the ones who need you most. Love the one who has a full bag of weed and the one who has stems and seeds. We all find ourselves on both sides of fortune and tragedy at different times. Cannabis flowers don’t last forever and neither does this life. Smoke it up and share the goodness of cannabis with everyone you can.

Gemini, LOVE

Purple Apricot, MüV

There are six kinds of Love that we have categorized and you will experience each of them in this calendar year. Unconditional Love is Agape. Eros is Romantic Love. Philia is Brotherly Love. Philautia or Self-Love is most important. Storge is Love of the familiar. Pragma is Enduring Love and Ludus is Playful Love. Mania is Obsessive Love. Love and be loved.

Cancer, LOVE

New Jack City, The Holistic Center

Set some time aside for self love and quiet reflection this month. February ninth will be a good time for this self reflection during the super full moon. This moon symbolizes stillness and quiet because the snow usually falls most heavy during this week.


Ice Cream Cake, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Kindness in words is a great way to spread confidence. The planet Mercury reaches greatest eastern elongation of 18.2 degrees from the Sun on February tenth. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky. This is also the perfect time to encourage your friends new projects.

Virgo, LOVE

Royal Cherry Diesel, Lovejoy’s

Keep pushing things forward and spreading the Love and Joy that you are feeling. Create change with the smile on your face. You will see the light of Mercury shine in the Western Sky after sunset. That is the joy in the stars that is powering your soul. Be joyful each day and watch the changes that take place around you.

Libra, LOVE


Keep your energy up and your bank account will follow. This is the month of fortune for your sign. Do not take any opportunity lightly but stay true to your instincts. Stay medicated and centered during this time as you make decisions about your future. You will love what comes next.

Scorpio, LOVE

New York Sour, The Holistic Center

You only have one life and it will pass by so fast. Only what’s done with love will last. Make sure you leave a lasting impression on this world. Leave smiles and good vibes behind everywhere you go. February 23rd starts a new season and your tastes will change. Try new strains.

Sagittarius, LOVE

Meat Breath, Potent Planet

Love takes off masks that we are afraid to live without but that we cannot live within any longer. American novelist and playwright James Baldwin said this. Take a risk and step further out into the world. Be confident in who you will become.

Capricorn, LOVE

Now and Later, Item 9 Labs

We are guided by what we love. Make sure you love something that will be constructive and helpful in your life. Cannabis will never let you down but make sure you add other good activities to this list. Try to do an exercise each day. One example is try to do the same number of push ups as your age.

Aquarius, LOVE

It’s like taking the first step before you see the staircase. Faith is trusting yourself to smoke an extra joint and operate in confidence as you step into the unknown. Try not to ask extra questions. Just love where you find yourself next. You may find a new valentine this month so keep the love lines open.

Pisces, LOVE

White Rhino, The Vault

There is something about your tongue. Maybe it’s a physical thing or maybe it’s the things you say. Either way, someone out there wants to love you today. Watch your tongue and keep your eyes open for someone to share affection with. Your sign is well aligned with self love and now you can share that love with another.


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