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Stars & Strains: Aquarius – February 2019

Aries – Stewardship

Obama Kush, Nirvana Dispensary

This month will be summarized by organization and new dreams. Start putting a new foundation in place and saving money where you can on good flower deals. Check out our friends Eli and Jazmine @thewordonweed for daily specials all over the valley. You will have new opportunities this year and need to be ready financially to act on them.

Taurus – Authority

King Mamba, The Mint Dispensary

Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Cannabis would never tell you something like that. Stay positive and keep puffing on those joints while you bring your best efforts towards every challenge. Some days will feel tough but keep stacking up the E’s for effort and watch how your determination brings good fortune. Stay lit during the journey.

Gemini – Clarity

Granddaddy Purple, Dutchie

This month brings new chances for investment so be ready to take on new risks and put your resources to work. You may have stress in your relationships but this is also an opportunity to be honest and call it like you see it. This will help clear the tension and bring more intimacy with someone close to you. Clear the air and then smog it out again with a joint and good vibes.

Cancer – Aware

Sundae Driver, Rhizo Research

Keep visualizing your dreams and taking the little steps to get there. Big things will come automatically one you get organized and optimized. Do not let thoughts from the past creep in and cause you stress or sadness. There will be no retrograde in your life if you are determined to move forward. The past is past. You are here and now.

Leo – Reflect

Chocolope, Oasis Dispensary

This month is about introspection in everything from your closest relationships to finances. You will have to be honest with others and yourself for this time to be constructive. Think about what you value most in your relationships with others and find ways to strengthen these things. Be honest with your friends and family about using cannabis as medicine so we may continue to gain support for the cannabis plant.

Virgo – Change

Blowfish, MUV Dispensary

The full moon on the 23rd will bring opposite energies to your mind and body. Cannabis strains may taste different following the new moon and you may find new things that you like. Be open to the unknown and you will be surprised by the experiences waiting out there. Do not let complacency into your house this month, stay active!

Libra – Imagination

Blackwater OG, Herbal Wellness Center

You have always challenged what is normal and this month brings support and renewed energy for your passions. It’s great to have friends who can understand the quirky motions and eccentric thoughts in your brain. Be encouraged by friends who support your creativity and always remember that your artistic vibes, and everything about YOU, is freaking amazing!

Scorpio – Activate

Miles Davis, MUV Dispensary

Your energy is active and awake like a sativa this month. It’s okay that you normally smoke indica because both types of strains will affect you pleasantly this month. Just remember, the energy you feel will continue as the sativa stars balance with your zodiac sign. This means you will be getting a lot done in preparation for a nice harvest later on in the year.

Sagittarius – Love

Love, Huxton

You are the type to find meaning and purpose in everything you do but sometimes there will be no rhyme or reason. Just let it be what it’s going to be. We are too worried about having control over things that have no importance in the grand scheme of the universe. Keep love in your heart and the answers will come when it’s time.

Capricorn – Honesty

Strawberry Fire, Urban Greenhouse

The strains you smoke are aligned with your sign to confirm a readiness for leadership in this upcoming season. Think about times when you can step up as a leader to help a project at work or a friend in need. Be careful not to give forceful advice, but also remember that honesty is best and you will have to take stances for your beliefs.

Aquarius – Understanding

Super Silver Haze, Territory Dispensary

Learning to help one another and love one another can be tough. Don’t worry about the arguments you’ve had or mistakes you have made. There is always room for forgiveness and as a man once said, “Forgiveness is something you must give yourself!” You can always spark up a joint to make amends with yourself and others!

Pisces – Movement

Black Cherry OG, All Greens Dispensary

New things are coming your way in the form of friendships and work changes. This may be a good time to hibernate with some edibles and enjoy your alone time before the next busy season. Looks like things are going to get busy again as exciting opportunities come your way. Don’t stay in one place too long because there is more adventures up ahead.


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