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Stars and Strains: Taurus – May 2018

Aries: Trust  Indica Hybrid – OG Kush

Keep your goals in mind while you work on strengthening your whole self. THC and CBD can be a great addition to any health regimen. Keep a journal to remember which strains are best before yoga in the morning, before an afternoon hike, or before bedtime. Then, research the top terpenes in each strain so you know what causes these effects.

Taurus: Strength Indica Hybrid – Black Mamba

Try products like the Baked Bros syrups that are strain specific so you can find edibles that work best for you. The new moon on May 15th will be on the same side of earth as the sun and this will be a great time for seeing objects in the sky such as Jupiter. Remember to pack a heavy headed indica for your stargazing drive out of the city.

Gemini: Balance Sativa Hybrid – Durban Cookies

Making an effort to have fun is a great way to balance a busy work life. Using cannabis is a great way to relax and enhances a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your downtime in the evenings and keep the joints flowing. Watch for changes coming soon in your work life and be prepared to do new things that are asked of you.

Cancer: Awake Sativa Hybrid – Lucid Blue

Cannabis can calm your mind so you can trust your instincts. It might be time to take a risk in life because of the wisdom you have gained over the years. Do not be afraid to break out and try something new. Do not lose sight of your goals during the new process. Good things take time.

Leo: Laughter Indica Hybrid – Alien Glue

This month is about friendship for the strong hearted Leo. Be sure to take care of the friends who have been there for you. Call them up and make plans to burn a joint of some Alien Glue. There’s nothing like smoking cannabis with friends and laughing together. It’s medicine for the body and soul.

Virgo: Uplifting Indica Hybrid – Blackberry Kush

Feel the relaxing beats of the universe and start saying yes to new activities. The planets are aligned and Jupiter is sending you positive energy for relationships with others. All you have to do is to break out of your routine. It’s time to meet new people and start some new adventures.

Libra: Quiet Indica Hybrid – God’s Gift

Watch for meteors in the night sky.  There will be dust left behind from Halley’s comet causing a meteor shower in different parts of the sky. Using cannabis and looking at the stars is an ancient natural relaxation technique. The meteor shower peaks on May 7th but will continue until the end of the month.

Scorpio: Happy Indica Hybrid – Rugburn OG

This month is a good time to focus on little things. Learn to roll a proper joint if you smoke the top shelf flower. If you prefer concentrates, take the time to learn the proper dab temperatures for your rig. If you smoke from a pipe or bong, clean that shit out regularly.

Sagittarius: Balance Indica Hybrid – False Teeth

You are surrounded by amazing people and a wonderful cannabis community. Take care of your work partners who have brought good things to you. Challenges will not be a problem as long as you do not dwell in the past. All that matters is right in front of you so light the next joint!

Capricorn: Instinct Sativa: Durban Poison

Keep the high energy flowing and make good use of the creative outbursts. Concentrates are a form of cannabis that most people know little about. Take the opportunity to learn new concepts or techniques and then share them with others. Keep on being the crazy diamond in the terp sauce.

Aquarius: Calm Indica Hybrid – Purple Punch

Do not let the confusion of life bother you. You are on the right path and will see the path to victory. Cannabis will help by providing relaxing vibes. Stay on the indica strains this month and once you relax enough you will find a whole new world of insight clearly at your fingertips.

Pisces: Radiate Sativa – Clementine

Be thankful for nature. The Full Flower moon at the end of the month signifies the time when spring flowers are most in bloom. Enjoy the sunshine and every living thing around you. Have fun with some edibles this month and remember that having fun is medicine too!

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