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Spiderman: Far From Home

I am familiar with Marvel, a staple in my childhood, from reading comics to every other incarnation of media like games, movies, or toys that were always around while growing up. I had uncles who were artists, and the amount of times I watched them get requests for Captain American or Spiderman were numerous. As an adult, things haven’t changed much as everyone I knew waited for, and then attended Spiderman: Far From Home. The film is a fun romp through Europe with a thriller of a story that could be easy to lose track of after a decade of phases. Jake Gyllenhaal opposite Tom Holland is amazing to watch as a solid mystery, to Marvel levels of action, moves along with the story. The relationships that are built and explored are very well done, especially with Spiderman and Mysterio.

Some scary moments, creative villains, and themes of growing up gave this movie a soul that kept me interested while I watched. Zendaya made an excellent comedic pairing with any other character, and a genuine pillar to what MJ means to Peter Parker. The work done by Marvel comes through as always, they are out to make movies where gaining a favorite story is possible again. Staying involved and seeing how stories will advance with callbacks is something I’ve never had excitement for in a movie, until now. I cannot wait to see what will be slated in Marvel’s next phase, and I can’t wait to see more of where they take Spiderman when he gets home. The end of the movie is feeling good, but leaves many questions about what is to come, especially with Nick Fury. Less about the basics you should’ve covered in the last decade; and more about where writing a movie with a near limitless amount of material goes next. I’d recommend Spiderman: Far from Home, 5 out of 5 joints, and then after smoking; be ready to ponder what we have in the next ten years coming from Marvel.


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