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Sour Apple Punch by Canamo

Sour Apple Punch | Cured Batter Canamo | Ponderosa Releaf

What caught my eye initially was the price point. $70 out the door for this 8th of cured badder sounded like a good deal and oh, how I was right. I cracked the lid of the prepacked jar and was smacked ever so pleasantly by a very sweet petrol aroma. The sweetness must have come from the Punch lineage because this Sour Apple and Papaya Punch cross definitely had a papaya like melon profile with hints of gas. On the inhale, the flavor was pleasantly sweet and slightly citrus but the gas was very noticeable on the exhale. The effects were strong, relaxing and sedative perfect to help relax and end a day. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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