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Sons of Cannabis Motorcycle Club | Interview

So I’m headed to work on a Sunny morning in my Ford Bronco when I see a motorcycle pull up next to me at the red light. He checks the Bronco and gives me a thumbs up. I give him the usual nod. Then he speeds off the light and the back of his jacket reads Sons of Cannabis, I laughed out loud. I saw him pull into the self serve car wash, so I busted a U-turn and went to meet this character. Turns out the motorcycle club is only officially a club of one. Unless you guys want to start a moto canna club? This guy is down 100%, meet Kelly Woodring of Arizona.

Who are you?

Kelly Woodring. I was born and raised in Kansas. I moved 13 times before graduating high school. I was always the new kid on the block. The girls liked me but the guys always seemed to hate at first. I think that’s probably the norm even today.

Sons of Cannabis

I am always afraid to ask this question but what was your 1st experience with cannabis like?

My very first experience with cannabis was when I was in the 3rd grade. It was a Friday night and I was spending the night with a friend whose family was quite large (13 children). The parents were going out for the evening and appointed a couple of his older siblings to watch over us! Of course they were a little pissed off about that because they had other plans. Anyway, they figured if they were to get us loaded on some good weed we either would go to sleep or get totally engrossed in a tv show that we would be out of the way so they could do whatever it was they wanted to do. Instead, all of us ended up hanging around the dining room table talking, joking, eating and having a really good time! I, of course, DO NOT RECOMMEND OR APPROVE OF ANYONE WHO WOULD TRY THAT WITH ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT! It’s just how it happened with me. I didn’t pursue the use of it often until I was a freshman in high school where I kept my grades at a B average. (Had to, my mom was previously a high school teacher, anything less could have been trouble). So if you want to just print the number of years, 35 would be the number.

I appreciate you being so considerate but I'm printing it. I’m printing the whole story. I appreciate the insightful words and the disclaimer.

How has cannabis medicine positively impacted your life?

The positive side of using pot for me is that it helps me a great deal with depression! Doctors prescribed me with countless medications for depression that NEVER EVER WORKED FOR ME! Regular use of cannabis did and still does! I would get so depressed at times that I would think of suicide. I haven’t felt or thought that way in a good number of years now and I give credit to cannabis for that because that is where the credit belongs! I also find it very helpful for anxiety however I must say make sure you know your limitations when used in that capacity ! Depending on the situation overconfidence might be more harmful than good! I sometimes will tend to push the envelope too far, leaving it teetering on the very edge without falling. Although very exciting, it can also be quite dangerous! So, please, if you use it in that capacity, be mindful of your limitations!

Sons of Cannabis

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I was considered an independent contractor on the last job I worked (demolition) so we’ll roll with that. My hobbies are camping, making bizarre or sick and twisted art I guess some would call it. Most of them are scenes I like to make from discarded toys and things like that. None of it has ever been considered offensive so far, just bizarre and humorous. I don’t consider riding the motorcycle a hobby, that would have to be considered a necessity to my everyday mental health.

Where did you get the idea for this rad lux vest?

So the vest idea was just one of the many crazy things that just popped into my head one day while smoking with a friend. I tried going to a t-shirt shop I once worked at years ago to see if they could stitch the rockers and help with a patch design, but they had gone out of business some time ago I was told.

So I just picked one with the help of google, had them stitch the rockers, and then I just picked the big leaf patch out from a bunch they had to show me! So really I can’t honestly say whether or not someone did the same thing either before or after I did. The odds are they haven’t, but who knows for sure. I nearly didn’t have it done just for that very reason. I told them I didn’t know how any of this stuff worked, but if someone else wanted a rocker like it, it wouldn’t make any difference to me. I don’t own the words and can’t positively say I own the idea. It’s basically just a novelty idea I actually followed through with. I got thumbs up and compliments on it the first day I rode with it on and nearly every day since!

Have you thought about actually starting a cannabis motorcycle club?

As far as starting a club, I think it would be awesome. However, I don’t know much about how to go about that. If the article were to generate enough buzz about it, maybe they could write to your publication about it and we could make it happen! It would no doubt be one of the best things if not the best thing I could ever possibly have happen in my lifetime for sure!

Kelly, I will invite anyone who is interested in a canna moto club to email or contact me personally. We will make it happen together. It has been 100% my pleasure to run into you at the car wash and to follow up with this conversation. Thank you for your time and honest answers about your cannabis experience.

I have never have been interviewed for anything other than a job so I hope my answers weren’t too corny or stupid to use. I tried to be honest and responsible with my answers so the rest is up to you and the magic of editing. If you choose to scrap the project, I would understand and wouldn’t be at all offended! But I do hope you will choose to go ahead with it because it is quite a thrill for me, and I told some friends about it too! Thanks for the opportunity and your patience. Both are greatly appreciated!

Nice to meet you, Kelly Woodring!


Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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