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Slurricane by Ponderosa Releaf

Slurricane | Deli Style 8th Ponderosa Releaf | Ponderosa Releaf

After finding out Sonoran Roots grows the copper top (top shelf) flower I decided to go ahead and try an 8th. Ponderosa does Deli style, which means the flower is in a large jar on the display shelf which your budtender weighs whatever amount you purchase from and packages it for you. The Slurricane caught my eye just because of how frosty the buds were. Even with the lighting not the best in the store I could see these buds were covered in trichomes. Once I got home and really got a look I was really impressed from the frosty look to the sweet sugary candy like smell with a hint of grape, so far so good. After about halfway through a 1.5 gram joint, I was Lit! My eyes and shoulders were low. I was relaxed and started to feel the munchies kicking in. I definitely recommend you try the Slurricane over at Ponderosa if you’re looking for a good indica. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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