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Slurper Swabs by Heady Swabs

Slurper Swabs  Heady Swabs | Where: Spaceman and Bongs

After buying a terp slurper and taking a few dabs I noticed these things really aren’t the easiest to clean. Mainly because the center cylinder known as the barrel is rounded and elongated and with the dish attached to the bottom it makes it hard to clean, especially the hard-to-reach seam where the two pieces of quart meet. With these Swabs they fit snugly in the barrel to be able to clean out any remaining wax that may have not been cleaned up with a regular swab on the first round. Super absorbent, these also come in handy to tackle large puddles of wax in case your sesh gets a little crazy. Go pick some up at Spaceman and Bongs and tell them The Cannabis Cactus sent you. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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