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Silicone Dabber Dock by Dabber Dock

Silicone Dabber Dock Dabber Dock | Where:

Ok Ok, for those that know me, they know I’m OCD and kind of a clean freak, but I love dabs. How does that collide, you ask? Well you take a dab and now have a dirty dab tool. While you’re ripping that fat dab and trying not to cough, you are trying to set down the dab tool and not get it stuck to your table or desk. Dabber Dock. That’s the answer to clean dabs and nice placed dab tools. Dabber Dock is a cool, must have dab tool and carb cap holder. It’s sleek. It works. It’s clean. It’s a must have. It’s the perfect home for your dab tool. By Shane Stanford@_NM_Bearded_Man.


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Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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