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Sauce Essentials | Grandaddy Purp


This classic strain has been called the grandfather of all cannabis strains. This potent indica-dominant hybrid is known for its strong effects that usually start off euphoric, and then settle into a full body sedative high. Grandaddy Purp (aka GDP) is also known for its sweet grape flavor with a spicy bite, that has been known to be a bit strong for some. This pod from Sauce Essentials allows you to enjoy these flavors and effects on the go, and unlike most vapes, you can be assured the effects and flavor here are all natural, and 100 percent cannabis-derived. Live resin is made by extracting the oils from fresh frozen live cannabis plant material, which ensures optimal effects and flavors, as live cannabis contains many terpenes not found in dried cannabis. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these tasty vapes ASAP, especially if you’re a dabber who wants a real dab on the go!


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