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Sauce | Aloha Express

Aloha Express

Sauce | Aloha Express

Sauce's Aloha Express 1g vape pen boasts an impressive 83% THC and 86% total cannabinoids, showcasing a potent and well-rounded experience. The Slimline pod system, a fusion of rechargeable and disposable features, positions Sauce as a pioneer in delivery methods. Its discreet design allows effortless portability, seamlessly fitting into luggage, purses, or pockets. Sauce's commitment to user-friendly innovation is evident in every aspect. Symbolic colors on the packaging intuitively guide the consumer – deeper, darker shades align with Indica characteristics, with purples hinting at sleepy terpenes found in indicas like gelatos. On the other hand, vibrant packaging signals awakening hybrid and sativa blends, providing a visual roadmap to the effects. The tropical flavor of the Aloha Express, coupled with its tropical live resin vibes, adds a refreshing and enjoyable layer to the experience. Sauce has truly mastered the art of crafting a product that combines potency, convenience, and a delightful sensory journey. Embrace the Sauce experience – we did, and we're confident you'll love it too.

1g Live Resin

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