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Saguaro | Vitality IV Barefoot Shoes


Saguaro | Vitality IV Barefoot Shoes

Saguaro’s Barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the dynamics of walking without shoes. The theory is that shoes with added support change the muscular anatomy of your foot, making them weaker over time. Saguaro’s shoes have minimal support, allowing the muscles to strengthen. They also have a zero drop heel which allows your calf muscle and achilles to lengthen back to their natural size, minimizing late age foot and back problems. They also have a wide toe box, so your toes fit in the shoe and are able to grip the ground as you walk. I’ve been wearing these shoes for about a year and have noticed extreme changes with my feet. My wife and kids wear these shoes as well and love the way they feel. Do your research and decide if this is something you want to try. If so, use our coupon code CACTUS10 at

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