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Sackville & Co. | Tasting Notes

I recently came across a few new kinds of mini-joints. These are from the bougie cannabis accoutrement company named Sackville. The two that I received came tastefully packaged in boxes more akin to fancy European candies, or perhaps a powder for the face. There is nothing aside from the little triangle with an explanation point that gives away the fact that the container contains cannabis. The overall experience is pure luxury, aimed at a more feminine audience. Everybody must get stoned!

They are really good, and I recommend getting yourself to California to taste them. The Sackville team has an authentic story behind them involving architecturally relevant, ultra-high end/bougie cannabis accouterments... stuff for your ultra-modern lapidator lifestyle. They have tools like luxuriously heavy, gold colored grinders, and really cool, high style-cannabis pipes and papers that you must have in your mid-century modernist/Palm Springs crash pad. Now you can smoke the cannabis that has their personal stamp of approval on each exquisite box.

Miracle Alien Bomb: AKA Night Haze

This is the stuff that I smoke later, in the waning hours of the afternoon or the early evening. Right now, it is neither and I’m faced with a quandary. My day-chaise isn’t far away but the sun is just warm enough to shed a layer or two from the winter outfit. At least it’s not three degrees outside today, but a balmy thirty-eight. It almost feels like spring, if just for a fleeting moment.

February can be quite cruel to the palate because it gets dark so early. Smoking these potent, indica leaning strains make short days even shorter. But worry not my friends, I came prepared. Part of the experience of smoking high quality cannabis out of joints is to open those joints with a sharp scissor and examining, then smoking the high quality flowers captured from within the cone. What I discovered in this mini-joint was perfectly ground flower. No stems, nor any dubious looking ground up stuff that makes you cough. It’s pretty enlightening to me after struggling to find companies that use the really good stuff, when I find it as in this example… Well, it’s just refreshing to experience something a bit different. This would be called adding terpenes to the already aromatic flower. Through something called the Entourage effect, I can’t explain what it does to you, but for me – the Entourage effect offers a deeper, more complete experience when smoking cannabis.

The Aromatics and Experience:

This strain in particular gets me really stoned. As to why I enjoy cannabis in the first place. The buzz came on very slowly, I am enthralled by the toasty nose and brightly gassy smoke. Crushed pistachio nuts come into view, followed by steaming ponds of whiskey sauce steeped bread pudding and toasty grains, leading into the hot spring fed pond down the road apiece. All is covered in a veneer of haze. Hence the name. Oh, it’s quite lovely here. I think I’ll rest a while. Fixin’ to get some moderation too as this strain is most relaxing.

Tasting Notes:

Toasted nutmeats, Rivulets of Maine Maple Syrup slathered over thickly textured, weekend pancakes napped with sizzling hot slabs of panko crusted, honey dipped-fried chicken in the nose give way to further paths and directions.

Frozen Lemon Margarita: AKA Beach Daze

The Aromatics and Experience:

This cannabis is advertised as containing added terpenes, with cultivation from Goldenseed. ( What this means to me as the end consumer is fine tuning the term known as the Entourage Effect with a clearly defined experience. Each inhalation comes offering introspection and clarity, every single time in a predictable and enjoyable manner. This strain that I’m enjoying is marked Beach Daze. Terpene infused full-flower. Not ground up scraps left over from other tasks. This is the good stuff! Further inhalations of this cannabis lucidly offer a feel-good, happy experience that reveals itself quickly. Just about the time it takes to smoke about ¼ of the mid-sized joint. Each perfectly filled cone is finished with a little twist and the filter is creatively rolled as well. Nice touch! They look good and smoke smoothly. The cannabis is very well cured; the joint itself burns evenly. I didn’t even cough once.

Smoking the fine terroir driven flowers from Goldenseed/Sackville offers something that I don’t get very often out here on the East Coast. That would be their deep commitment to quality and doing just a little bit better. Why? Just because. I’m pretty impressed by their flowers twisted up into five handsome prerolls per slim/chic box.

Please remember, The Moon is High and So Am I…

I brought a sticker of this to Berlin and placed it on the Berlin Wall! The mug is for sale on the Sackville website.

Tasting notes:

Red fruits smeared over toasted brioche give way at first sniff, each puff leading towards dollops of freshly churned butter, pools of richly textured cream, and mysterious, hazelnut drenched compote.


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