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Rosin Chocolate by Grow Sciences

Chocolate & Rosin

Just when I thought Grow Sciences could not blow my mind any more than they already have. They go and release their rosin infused chocolate line. I've had my fair share of infused chocolate in my day. However, there is nothing that I have tried that even comes close to these chocolates. Everything from the taste down to the marketing is top tier. So, let's talk about them, shall we?

Quality You Can Taste

For the launch we got three different products. We got Mexican hot chocolate, sea salt and espresso and the peanut butter chocolate truffles. The flavor on all three was out of this world. There was no trace of cannabis as far as flavor goes. My favorite out of the lot were definitely the peanut butter chocolate truffles. Not only that but, the snap and the shine on the chocolate was spot on. Meaning, this chocolate was perfectly tempered and handled during production. Making chocolate that good requires not only a ton of skill but attention to detail as well. Hats off to the chocolatiers over at Grow Sciences.

Handle With Caution

Let's go on and say don't be like me when it comes to chocolate. Meaning, unless you have absolutely nothing to do, do not eat an entire chocolate bar. I promise you that these things are so potent that 30mg should suffice. I tried to go ahead and eat a whole bar plus a truffle and it was lights out. I sat at my computer for at least 10 minutes trying to think of a title for my blog but couldn't due to a brain block. After deciding to call it quits, I went ahead and went to bed. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep. I will say, I did have that marijuana hangover the next morning.

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