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Rose Palms | Gummy Bear Wraps

Rose Palms

Rose Palms | Gummy Bear Wraps

Explore the expanding world of tobacco-free blunt wraps with Gummy Bear Rose Palms – crafted from real rose petals. Rose Palms are nicotine-free, tobacco-free and super slow burning for a truly serene sesh. Enhance your experience by filling these wraps with your favorite herbs, creating a sense of inner peace and euphoria. To maximize the sweet, slow burn, grind your herbs to a semi-chunky consistency, remove stems, and fill the Rose Palms carefully, avoiding damage to the delicate petals. The beautiful Rose Palms are the slim style, made for about .8-1 g of material. Pack lightly with the provided filler stick for an optimal burn. Discover the art of mindful smoking with Rose Palms, shop all the flavors and more fashionable designs at or @leafpalms.

3-pack Slim Rolls


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