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Roach Clip: NRVK | Interview

As we walk or take drives around the city, bright colors, unique shapes and angles illuminate various buildings and structures like the 4th of July; symbolic writings on the walls like hieroglyphics still used in today’s modern world. Labeled as vandals, using trigger fingers to spray liquid crayons turning thoughts into visuals, you can see the pain and excitement, anger and joy in every single mural and piece. A plethora of graffiti artists around the globe let us into their creative minds.

Allow me to introduce NRVK and ENIKS, the Beavis and Butthead of the graffiti world, as they would like to call themselves. Constantly making fun of each other’s deficiencies made this interview very hilarious. Both originating from California, NRVK is from Whittier, where the girls are prettier AHA, and ENIKS is from East Los Angeles. Both now reside in Phoenix, AZ – a place that really made them who they are today. NVRK left Los Angeles after the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Fearing for their lives as a Hispanic family who had never witnessed such a catastrophe, they decided to relocate to Phoenix. Their only goal here is to make the city look pretty, like it should be, even if it means breaking the law. Influenced by one of the greats in graffiti world, his big brother SPAWK, NRVK followed in his footsteps, after being told before you hit high school you better make sure you do something, better be a b-boy, MC or graff head. NVRK’S choice was clear. NRVK would then link up with ENIKS. Together this tandem have intentions to paint the town like a game of “Splatoon” with unique styles brought by each artist.

Graffiti has gained more attention with the rise of social media, allowing for anyone to share each other’s talents worldwide. Hitting up those heaven spots – deadliest spots to piece up – one mistake and you might just end up in heavens gates. These guys are daredevils, doing whatever it takes to have their piece seen in the most tough to reach structures. Risking their lives not only for freedom, but also setting foot on deadly surfaces which can turn fatal, showing there are no limits to where these spray cans can reach.

When getting creative juices flowing, music and art go hand in hand in creating masterpieces. Whether it be utilizing spray cans or a microphone, pictures are being created through lyrics or letters. Punk Rock and Hip Hop are the biggest musical influences for NRVK and ENIKS. Illustrating the vibes at the moment of action, painting the perfect picture like Picasso.

Funding never came easy for either of these Graff heads. Anything from hustling to illegal activity is how cash was obtained. Labeled as a vandal, high risks take place every time you set foot out that door. NRVK shares his most dangerous story when he was hitting up the freeway and ghetto bird shined the light, surrounded by a bunch of cops, he made his dash to the other side of the overpass, hopping fences. Pigs still in pursuit, he dives into a dumpster and hid there for about an hour. After such an adventure it’s only right to burn one up.

NRVK recalls another time he got so baked one day riding his bike, smoking a fat spliff through the hood getting ready to spray that he decided to turn those handlebars around. Munchies kicked in, you already know how that goes. Afterwards, he just chilled and watched cartoons like a true stoner. Some favorite strains they enjoy are good ole Cali Chronic, Bubba Kush, Blueberry and LA Confidential, just to name a few.

His brother SPAWK, having ties all around Arizona, linked him up with Franco over at KDIF 102.9fm. NRVK, hesitant at first, started seeing KDIF support at Grill n’ Chill and other events. Even ENIKS knows Franco has the “sickest mustache in all of Phoenix.” Doing his passion legally now, NRVK feels like he has put in that work in the streets and still won’t hesitate to throw on his gear and get dirty.

Living the graffiti lifestyle is dangerous, as it is felt by their parents who hate every aspect of it. At a younger age Taking beatings and punishments were repercussions. Now they are grown with an equal mindset to spray their art all around the city to get away from the uniform and make the city more beautiful. Spray on!

@roachclippodcast Roach Clip Radio Saturdays 5-7pm 102.9 FM KDIF South Phoenix Radio! To read more from Victor Ortega of Roach Clip, click here.

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