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Roach Clip: Nerd with Balls | Interview

We all have a different opinion of what pop culture is, to some it might be the music that’s popular, to others it might be the television series that’s hitting. Opinions vary from homosapien to homosapien, what separates some is not being afraid of expressing their opinion. That’s where Jesse Lozano, aka Nerd With Balls, shines. He puts it all on the line whether it’s a blog, or a dope ass podcast, he expresses his wishes and desires, as well as his opinion on comics, movies, and on occasion butt-holes. Put the cheetos down for a few minutes and enjoy a conversation we had with a nerd with balls.

Jesse Lozano | Nerd With Balls

RCP: Introduce yourself homie

Jesse: Hey what’s going on everybody, I’m Jesse Lozano from Nerd With Balls! That’s all I really got, I don’t have anything cool like “Little Daddy Dick.” I don’t know what I would call myself.

RCP: What is Nerd With Balls?

Jesse: NWB is a pop culture blog dedicated to the world, just our view of the world actually. Nothing crazy, when I look at pop culture, it’s a different identity most people misunderstand. People who read comics and stuff like that, being insecure, I’m like “fuck that dude!”  you can be yourself and just be about what you want to be. Just go there and have fun, be cool with everybody, I think people misunderstand that.

RCP: What exactly is pop culture?

Jesse: My identity of pop culture is not necessarily like everyone’s like “oh shit that can be fashion, this and that” I think movies, comics, boxing, MMA, a lot of that stuff. There is music for sure absolutely. My view is kind of like, if somebody mentions that new Jay-Z I’m like “I don’t fucking care” it’s no disrespect to him, it’s just not what I vibe on.

Jesse Lozano | Nerd With Balls

RCP: You’re also an MMA fan?

Jesse: Not just that, but as weird as it sounds, especially with boxing and stuff, it was never like “hey shit let’s go watch some fights”. Some of the fights that stick out in my head where cool. But I’ve always liked to train, I was that fat kid training, it was always unique. I honestly believe martial science really helps out the psychology, you understand your body, you understand your mind. How to push yourself through things, I don’t think people really get that development. I had it at such a young age, my father is a black belt in Kenpo. He started showing me when I was in preschool.

RCP: Were you considered a nerd growing up?

Jesse: Yeah, actually.

RCP: What makes you a nerd?

Jesse: Back when I was younger the world didn’t look at nerds the way we see now. Nerds is acceptable, it’s cool, it’s fun and that’s the thing. Growing up you were outcasted, I’m over there talking about UFO’s, comics, movies and people were like “WTF, get the fuck out of here”. Now with this generation you can talk to people about it and they’re like “fuck yeah dude!”

RCP: What did you think about Avengers: Endgame?

Jesse:  I cried like a bitch at least three times. For what it was I think they tried to fill in some of the older movies especially Infinity Wars, there are some things that we got jacked on and when we saw it on Endgame it was cool. My biggest disappointment Tony Stark was the smartest one, no dude you are going against Bruce Banner, chill the fuck out he’s legit the smartest. Overall the graphics were on point, the story was a little darker. I love dark comics, that’s why I’ve always loved DC. For what it was being a Disney product I was proud of what they did. Mind you I’m not the biggest advocate for Marval, just because it is Disney and what they do to art, they change it.

Jesse Lozano | Nerd With Balls

RCP: Do you have a wide collection of comic books?

Jesse: Yeah! My big run is from a guy named James O’Barr, he created “The Crow” I pretty much have all his. Batman, Swamp Thing, Constantine, shit like that. Mainstream shit is cool, but I hate Spiderman.

RCP: What’s the story of Brandon Lee dying on the set of “The Crow” movie?

Jesse: The real thing that happened there is that they didn’t understand that science yet, they were playing with shit they shouldn’t have been It was still experimental, the guy on set to check all the guns was not there they said it’s whatever. That’s what happens, they didn’t know at the time that you had to be about 30 feet away before you take the shot, and they did such a close up shot.

RCP: Are you a fan of stand up comedy? What are your top three performers?

Jesse: Yeah! Top three, Pryor, John Leguizamo for sure. The way he (John Leguizamo) performs and how he story tells, and the way he puts it together it’s an amazing thing. I think he got better with time. Robin Williams for sure, nobody performs like Robin Williams. That would be my top three, there’s a shit load more but right off the top of my head, those are the guys I would look at.

RCP: Where can people find you? Any shoutouts?

Jesse: You can check me out at:, all my socials are @Nerdwithballs, Stitcher, Itunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify.

Give a shoutout to you motherfuckers for having me! Shoutout for getting me clam baked as fuck! I’m high!

Make sure to check out the uncensored interview. Episode 104 of the Roach Clip Podcast. Video available on Youtube: Roach Clip Podcast channel.



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