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Roach Clip: Interview with Trent from EZJ

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Rolling the perfect joint is not the easiest task in the world and some pre-rolls smoke like crap. The Roach Clip Podcast has had their fair share of blunts and joints, some smoked finer than filet mignon while others ran faster than Marion Jones trying to escape a test from WADA. We had the pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with Trent, the inventor of EZJ rolling machine. EZJ is not your typical roller, it can roll hooters as big as a baseball bat and pinners as thick as a guitar string. Once you master the machine, you will be on your way to becoming the life of the party with perfect joints or blunts every time. They burn to perfection and will give everyone that EZJ buzz.

EZJ Rolling Machine

The EZJ Rolling Machine |

Tolo: Who do we have the pleasure of speaking with?

Trent: I’m Trent, my company is EZJ. We roll joints, sometimes big, sometimes really big. 

Tolo: What is EZJ?

Trent: I make a bunch of different equipment. I’ve put together five patents in the last couple of years. I started out as a guy that didn’t know anything about a joint, didn’t know anything about cannabis. I was about 300 pounds, I was kind of at the end of the road (you might get a little grossed out). I was puking and shitting blood on an elk hunt. I didn’t know what was going on but whatever is going on these 24 pills a day are not helping. Long story short, it took me about a year to get my head around the fact that cannabis was really something that can work. I lived in Utah at the time, I moved to New Mexico where I wouldn’t go to jail for using this as a medicine. I used it for a year illegally, just bought it in the streets. I moved to New Mexico and we didn’t have medicine in the town I was in, so I actually ended up opening a dispensary, we have one there now in Silver City. For me, it’s always been an effort to try to make rolling a joint available for anybody, whether you have a disability that makes you unable to roll, or for me I joined the Marine Corps I didn’t smoke weed as a kid because I did not want to mess up that Marine Corps experience. So I never jumped into pot or didn’t even realize it was something until I was almost 40. That’s kind of what got me into this and now for me it’s just to educate some people who maybe never thought of pot as an answer, that this might be what can set them free a little bit. That’s really where my focus has been just making the technology available, so people everywhere can roll a joint. My bigger technology is a machine that rolls 10,000 a day that’s just coming to market. Rolled, filled, twisted, all done with just one operator. It’s completely automated, the patent is still filing right now so I don’t want to talk about it too much. But we will be at MJBiz Con in November 2019 in Las Vegas, we will be launching the product.

EZJ Blunt

Alto: How was your experience getting the street weed?

Trent: I didn’t really know anyone who had it, kind of the first time just cruising around, I’ve always been clean cut. So the first time I went to buy street weed was at this concert and I must have scared four or five people, everytime I came up they’d assume I’m a cop. It was a hard deal that is what actually forced me to open up a dispensary.

Tolo: Were you always an innovator creating gadgets? 

Trent: Actually, I designed a Transformer when I was 11, I got a rejection letter from the toy maker. Two years later they came out with a Transformer like mine and I didn’t invent after that, I thought it was bullshit. Once I started smoking weed, it kind of connected how I used to be and all of a sudden I was inventing again. Something I had latent and it took some weed to wake up that DNA.

Tolo: Do you grow your own weed?

Trent: Right now we have 30 acres of hemp growing and we have a greenhouse. We are working on heat tolerant hemp strains. We’ve been working heavily on trying to make a high heat tolerant hemp strain that will still be able to pass THC limit tests. That’s the reason I’m on the Mexican Hemp Council to try and make sure we are getting the information from here to the Mexican people as quickly as possible, so they either know how to legislate, or understand the rules that we are having so maybe it’s a little more consistent if it goes to trade. 

EZJ Blunt

Tolo: What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Trent: Texas right now is having a tough time because they realized that it’s the same plant. If you look at the seed it is identical, if the plant is growing side by side you can’t tell them apart. They look identical and some of them smell almost the same. So until you do your potency testing you can’t tell if it’s hemp or cannabis. They are both cannabis sativa, it’s like comparing a red rose to a white one. The phonemes depending on how they are set up will do that. The biggest thing we are seeing in the field is hard for these hemp genetics that are made in a greenhouse to be tough enough outside in 100 degree heat. Out of the 30,000 plants we have growing, 15,000 look pretty good. Everyone is having the same problem,they are taking this hemp that has been grown in greenhouses.

Tolo: Any closing words?

Trent: Really, I just want to tell you guys I like your work, you guys do an awesome job. Appreciative to the plant and everything it’s done for me and as I go out there and meet new people in the industry. I’m just taken aback at the professionalism of the people growing this. I realized that it is us doing this right now and pioneering this industry to where it’s at and I think as it rapidly changes, we all have a role to play to make this something at a higher level. That has been my concern and focus. Let’s just keep on the high road staying HIGH!  

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Listen to episode 119 to catch the interview in its entirety. 

EZJ Blunt on Golf Course
EZJ Before and After

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