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Reflux Vaporizer – The Dab of the Future

Let’s all start this with a nice dab.

Now, how did you take that dab? What device did you use? Probably safe to say most reached for a torch and heated up for their dab. The dab has come so far in so little time. I mean, the original way, the way I first started, was hot knifing hash. Yup that’s right, take two butter knives, heat them up on the stove, drop your hash and smash. Now, there’s a buffet of options. Not only are there several different types of concentrates you can dab, but there are different techniques to dab. Everything from bangers, nectar straws, e-nails, dab pens, etc. I’m sure those of us who dab have tried most, if not all, of these methods. I know I have, plus some others.

A while back, I went to a nice cannabis BnB called Smokin_Beds in Denver Colorado. This place is awesome. It has exotic snacks, bongs, papers, pipes, e-nails, and an Indux Labs Reflux Vaporizer. A what you say? I said the same thing when I heard the name and even when I saw it. When it was being expended to me all I could think of was The Jetsons. It’s super different from anything I’ve ever seen or hit from. The hit was so clean and straight to the head. I knew I needed to know more, and rip it more. So after a few more trips to Smokin_Beds I reached out to Indux Labs to pick his brain. 

Reflux Vaporizer

Reflux Vaporizer by Indux Labs

Name and who you are with Indux Labs

Mr. Indux, Owner and builder

What is Indux Labs and where are you based out of?

INDUX LABS is based out of Austin, Texas and specializes in electromagnetic heating R&D and the manufacturing of induction heating apparatuses. REFLUX is the first offering; however, there is a strong desire to diversify the company’s product range.

Where did the name and inspiration for Indux Labs and Reflux come from?

The inspiration for the project came from the desire to utilize the clean and precision heating of induction to produce the highest quality of vapor.

Naming the unit was quite the task. Initially we called it the Flux Capacitor because it uses a magnetic flux, but we knew the name was not going to work long term. Every name we came up with was already taken by an inferior vape pen. We must have tossed around over two hundred potential names. Then one day I thought of REFLUX. I figured no one had the courage to name their vaporizer REFLUX with the chance of being associated with acid reflux, and I was right. It was edgy, direct, and didn’t conform to the norm. A perfect fit for such a game changing vaporizer.

The company name INDUX LABS was naturally derived from the induction heating of the REFLUX vaporizer. This was an easy decision.

The Reflux Vaporizer is something super futuristic and amazing. Would you mind explaining the operation of it?

REFLUX uses an induction coil to generate an electromagnetic field that travels through the vial and heats the element or elements which are in contact with the loaded concentrate. A collection of interchangeable heating element configurations of various shape, size, material, and quantity provide unprecedented analog control over the temperature ramp and vapor texture of your concentrate. Each configuration truly expresses its own experience. Typically, the larger elements heat up faster, reach higher temperatures, and produce thicker vapor. While the smaller elements take longer to heat and produce a thinner vapor over a longer period of time. Non-magnetic materials only heat through eddy currents, and magnetic materials heat much faster with combination of both eddy currents and hysteresis.

What Temps do the different bars put out?

REFLUX employs cold start temperature ramps that range from room temperature to 600℉. The temperature of the selected heating element configuration is ultimately controlled by the shape, size, material, and quantity used and the duration for which heating occurs. Using multiple smaller heating elements will result in lower max temperatures of around 400℉, larger elements will exhibit maximum temperatures of around 500℉, and magnetic materials will reach a maximum temperature of around 600℉ in about 30 seconds. The temperature ramp can be stalled at any point during the sesh by discontinuing heating, thereby giving you complete control over the maximum temperature of your sesh.

Reflux Vaporizer

Reflux Vaporizer by Indux Labs

How big of a dab can be or has been done in a Reflux Vaporizer? Well that you know of…

I’ve heard of people loading up to 0.5g when using enough heating element mass. For me 0.3g is max, but I don’t recommend that much.The flavor/gram efficiency is significantly reduced as you load more concentrate. Instead of loading 0.3g for a single sesh, try loading 0.1g for three separate seshes. You’ll get way more flavor and efficiency out of it.

Who would you say the Reflux Vaporizer is more geared towards?

REFLUX is a cold start machine that offers a vast variety of temperature ramps. Its unprecedented flexibility provides world-class vapor for everyone. From hot dabs to low and slow, and everything in between. I personally prefer REFLUX’s Slow-Temp capabilities. I’m talking about 8 minute cold starts where you vaporize the components of your concentrate at the lowest temperatures possible. By gently heating your concentrate, gradually ramping up the temperature, and progressively building vapor intensity you are able to experience the purest essence, the highest efficiency, and have the ability to prevent the formation and vaporization of unwanted compounds. This is a connoisseur’s (flavor lover’s) dream come true. However, REFLUX can also accommodate those that want faster temperature ramps, higher temperatures, and larger clouds. The choice is yours.

Can all types of dabable concentrates be used in the Reflux Vaporizer?

Yes. However, REFLUX is strictly for use with essential oils/concentrates that have been laboratory tested, certified for purity, and contain zero solvents. REFLUX is not made or derived from tobacco or nicotine. REFLUX is not intended or usable with tobacco products, nicotine products, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), e-juices/e-liquids, vitamin E acetate/oil, thickening or cutting agents, and any combinations thereof.

Ok ok, well, let’s take another dab. That was a lot of info, knowledge, and passion. I love it. How about you?

I can honestly say I will personally be investing in a Reflux Vaporizer. I knew I wanted one after trying it at Smokin Beds but in the words of Albert Einstein, “Knowledge is power” and this article gave me power. Buying power that is. Lol. Anyways whether you e dab, torch dab, or Reflux…… Dab on my canna fam. Dab on….

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Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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