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Puff N Paint with Totem Yoga

Totem Yoga, where they take relaxation and creativity to the next level. Totem Yoga is a diverse, modern studio that offers a variety of cannabis friendly classes, for example Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Herbalism, Reiki and now Art classes. I had the pleasure of attending a Puff N Paint Night and I had to share it with you guys because you know I love a good paint night.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted warmly by the owners Frank and Jude. I instantly felt at home; the environment and people were so welcoming it was easy to forget I went alone. The studio had three tables provided with all the necessities needed for the night. Paint, an easel, water, a canvas and ash tray were set up neatly waiting for art to begin. The volume of the music was high enough to enjoy but low enough so you can still talk with fellow creatives around you. Light munchies like fruit, cheese and crackers were provided and because they thought of everything, they had Sunday Goods there to handout free pre-rolls to their guests. The ambiance was on point.

Yes people, they even provided the cannabis to get the creativity flowing. An instructor was present and ready to show us step by step how to paint a lion. She provided directions as to what color and brush to use for certain steps and would pause in between directions to give the class enough time to catch up. If you have never taken a painting class before, don’t let inexperience scare you away. The instructor is there to help you throughout the process. We shared words, laughter, joints and when we were all done, we put them up briefly for all of us to enjoy. The best part of the class is that each individual has a unique outcome. The paintings are not meant to all look the same; it’s our own interpretation. If you still think painting is not your thing, that is ok, I encourage you to visit the website at www.Totem.Yoga and check out all they have to offer. Hope to catch you at the next Puff N Paint at Totem Yoga!

Sabrina Rebolledo is a mother and cannabis advocate. She currently focuses on the stigma surrounding mothers that consume cannabis. Sabrina wants to make all mothers feel welcome to make their own decisions and to ignore the social pressures that make a mother feel insecure. Foller her @WHOLETMEBEAMOM on Instagram.


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