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Pressure Labz | Modified Cheese LR Cold Cure


Pressure Labz | Modified Cheese LR Cold Cure

You may recall previous reviews stating most strains with modified in the name usually have GMO in the genetics. Cheese is a well known strain known for producing a blue cheese-like flavor and smell. Well this Modified Cheese is a combo of both, but when it comes to the terps, GMO definitely wins this one. Cracking the lid, I was hit with a swift garlicky punch right to the nostrils. Absolutely zero cheese terps so cheese fans may wanna stay away from this one, but garlic lovers unite, this ones for you. The effects are strong and sedative with a delicious garlic flavor to match the smell. A great strain for pain relief and relaxation. So far, Pressure Labz can be found in dispensaries across California but I hear they may be bringing the heat to AZ with their 90u cold cure rosins. Hopefully, we can see these guys on the shelves sooner than later and enjoy some quality hash made from exotic genetics here in Arizona.

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