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Potent Planet | Meat The Afghan | 3.5g Jar

Meat The Afghan

Potent Planet | Meat The Afghan | 3.5g Jar

Afghani cannabis represents a genetic cornerstone of hybrid strains. One of the defining features of Afghan cannabis is a strong and distinct aroma recognized as a rich, earthy scent, with hints of sweet and spicy undertones. These aromatic compounds, known as terpenes, contribute to the overall sensory experience of the strain. In terms of effects, Afghan hybrid strains are renowned as a heavy-bodied experience, inducing a sense of calmness, relaxation, and tranquility. Many users report that Meat Breath strains are particularly effective for relieving stress, insomnia, and pain due to their potent indica-dominant genetics. Meat Breath, a savory hybrid of GMO, quickly became one of Potent Planet’s famed strains in the Arizona market for its peppery, robust nature. While this jar was a treat, we were not able to find it as often. This pickup was $60 plus tax from Mint Dispensary, making it more of a treat than regular rotation.


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