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Peyote Gorilla by Potent Planet

Peyote Gorilla | ⅛ Prepacked Potent Planet | Nirvana Center

I know I said that Potent Planet kills every batch of Meat Breath they produce and that’s because I really have only had the opportunity to try that strain mainly because all their drops of any strain usually sell out quickly, but this Peyote Gorilla is amazing. My first time trying this strain and I was thoroughly impressed. Immediately upon cracking the lid of this jar a super sweet and fruity scent just punched me in the nose. The nugs were a nice strong structure and super resinous. The flavor was super sweet like berries and grapes with just a sprinkle of diesel. The effects were powerful with a strong head high coming in first and settling into a nice body buzz not long after this indica dominant cross is best suited for night time use. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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