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Peppermint Hash Bar by Superior Infusions

Peppermint Hash Bar | 100mg THC  Superior Infusions | Where: The Superior Dispensary

I’m a huge sucker for mint and chocolate. Chocolate chip mint ice cream was a staple in my house as a kid. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to try this Peppermint Hash Chocolate bar by The Superior. This chocolate bar had a swirl of flavor in my mouth with the vegan dark chocolate and hash, then ending with a cool peppermint finish. Yum. Since I already knew that 50mg would be too much, I decided on 30mg, and it was just right for me to go to work. It took away my back pain for an hour or so while I sat in the Nug Jewelz studio making nug earrings. I should have brought the rest with me, but I was afraid it would melt in the half hour drive. They have a dark chocolate bar and an oat milk bar as well. You should definitely go try them out. Tell them Courtney sent you! By Courtney Baker – @bake.gets.baked.


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