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Nights, Weekends, & Daze Off

The concept behind Daze Off is simple - everyone deserves easy, affordable, quality cannabis.

With so many choices available, we all know that it can be absolutely overwhelming to navigate the world of cannabis products. Aeriz has long been a favorite for the Cannabis Cactus team, and they are now introducing their newest brand, Daze Off. With a mission to offer easy, affordable, and quality cannabis, Daze Off is furthering the good name of Aeriz by providing blends of strains that are both fun and accessible. We had the pleasure of speaking with Ian Krass, Senior Producer at Aeriz, to learn more about the company's background, the concept behind Daze Off, and what sets it apart from other cannabis brands.

Aeriz is a well-known and highly-respected cannabis cultivator that has been making waves in the industry since they launched in Illinois in 2016. With a focus on aeroponic cultivation, Aeriz delivers some of the cleanest, purest, and most consistent flower on the market. The company quickly became the world's largest aeroponic cannabis cultivator, and expanded into Arizona in 2017. They are in the process of completing a new facility in California as well. “Aeroponic cultivation results in cleaner, purer, more consistent flower - quality that reflects the deep respect we hold for the power of cannabis to heal, to delight, and to inspire”, says Krass.

Our Objective with the Daze Off brand was always to provide high-quality, shareable, cannabis at a great price point.

Daze Off is the newest addition under the Aeriz umbrella. The company wanted to create a brand that celebrates not only recreational cannabis, but also the sense of community surrounding it. According to Krass, "with Daze Off, we were looking to create a counterpoint to the dreamy, poetic aesthetic of Aeriz while also offering something at a budget-level price. With that accessibility in mind, we got to a place where we’re really celebrating not only recreation consumption, but the good times we share with friends and loved ones while getting high. There’s nothing more universal than that - for people like me, it takes us back to the subculture we shared with friends before the days of legalization, but for younger or new cannabis users, it’s connecting them with the rich history of recreational cannabis use. They’re finding their place in that ongoing history now, and they’re sparking up with friends and making the warm, crackly, indelible kinds of memories that only a good rotation can elicit.”

The concept behind Daze Off is simple - everyone deserves easy, affordable, quality cannabis. The company offers endless variety and they have both personal and sharing options, so everyone can find their perfect high. One truly unique aspect of Daze Off is that the company blends strains instead of using a single strain in its products. Says Krass, “Blending ‘popcorn’ flower grown for other brands in the Aeriz family allows us to offer Daze Off products at an affordable price, while still maintaining the same quality as those premium brands. All our blends are made with 2 strains grown for Aeriz or one of our other brands. The other major reason we do blends is that it’s fun!”

Beyond providing quality cannabis products, Aeriz and Daze Off are deeply involved in the cannabis community, regularly holding events that focus on wellness, creativity, and sharing moments with loved ones. These events include medicated yoga and meditation events, community soup kitchens, and ongoing partnerships with local music venues. Krass emphasized the importance of staying engaged and giving back to the community, saying, "When planning events we try to focus on universal aspects of cannabis culture, and we regularly hold events to engage the community in addition to the usual dispensary pop-ups."

Daze Off is currently available in Arizona at sister company Marigold Dispensary, and many other dispensaries across the state. They’re also available throughout Illinois, and are planning to expand into California as soon as their new facility is completed.

Daze Off offers high-quality, affordable cannabis products that are not only perfect for sharing, but also gives their customers the opportunity to try something a little new and different - an originality that can sometimes be hard to find in this industry. With a focus on variety and accessibility, they are quickly becoming a fan favorite among cannabis enthusiasts in Arizona and beyond. As Krass noted, "it also gives Daze Off fans the opportunity to try a wider variety of genetics than they otherwise might." With over 100 blends already available and more on the way, Daze Off is proving that there's always a new experience and a fresh high to be found.

You can learn more about Daze Off and their blends at Many thanks to Senior Producer Ian Krass, AZ Sales Director Jake Ritter, and the entire Daze Off, Aeriz, and Marigold teams for the opportunity to learn more about their brand launch, their mission, and also in their ongoing support of Cannabis Cactus.

Instagram: @takedazeoff


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