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Nightlife in AZ: Scottsdale Nights

Scottsdale Nights

Nightlife in Arizona is one of the fastest growing in all of the United States. Arizona is not only known for its beautiful sunset and weather, but now known to have one of the most active nightlife scenes you can be a part of. With more than 54 venues in Phoenix and Scottsdale alone, and Arizona State University in the neighboring city of Tempe as one of the biggest universities in the USA, it will just continue to grow. Scottsdale has always been known to everyone as one of the more high-end cities to be a part of. It hosts some of the biggest and most fanciest parties known to man… and one man that has lived a part of this life is Gem Ray. 

Gem Ray, CEO & Marketing Director of Scottsdale Nights, has been a part of some of the biggest celebrity parties known to Scottsdale. Rubbing elbows with the Who's Who of the world, Gem has hosted events all across Arizona and the Metro Phoenix area - events like the Waste Management Open, UFC, some of the biggest playoff games, and even the Super Bowl. Gem has also been involved in the fashion life and is very much a part of the fabric that makes Arizona. Working with the legendary brand Boss, Gem has never put a limit on what he can or can’t do in Arizona. Gem has always been all about helping everyone, no matter the walk of life they come from, whether it’s doing charity fundraisers or events to help local artists and promoters get their first big break in life, like Dann G and Home Grown (just to name a few). Gem is all about the city he lives in and everyone winning around him. 

So, would you consider yourself a club promoter, owner of multiple businesses, or what exactly?

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur, by heart. My passion is marketing, events & everything hospitality driven.

How do you feel Arizona nightlife compares to nearby states?

Arizona nightlife is great and highly evolving. The growth in the business is proven by the evolution of the industry. Increased tourism and increased local support defines this. The immediate surrounding states of California & Nevada definitely do well in many aspects of the business. That being said, there is something special in Arizona, and Scottsdale to be precise.

What's the best part about being in Arizona?

The best is the potential and watching the city and state grow. This reflects on several industries that excel in Arizona. As with the flocks of people moving here, there are many Fortune 1000 companies that are moving here, if not already present. 

What's your feeling on cannabis being recreational in Arizona now and do you ever see a day when alcohol and cannabis will be allowed together in the nightlife scene?

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries, not just in Arizona, but everywhere. It is much more widely accepted as a society norm. Between recreation and therapeutic values, it’s good to see it accepted. It is a matter of time that everything molds together, it might take some time but eventually it will be together.

What does Arizona mean to you?

I love Arizona; I have been here fifteen years and that speaks volumes. I came here because I saw the opportunity and I stayed because of executing the opportunities. It’s a beautiful state and beautiful city I live in.


(480) 772-7613

SC: @gemraymedia

FB: Gem Ray / Gem S Ray / Gem SinCity Apple & Scottsdale Nights Fan Page

LinkedIn: Chef Gem Ray

Twitter: @gemraymedia @ScottsdaleNites


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