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N8tron, Be Yourself

Let’s spark up and think about this one for a second. B is a letter we all learned a long time ago. Shout Sesame Street. LOL. But when we think of the letter B, we think…. beer…. bud…. babes…. but what we really should be thinking about is B for BE YOURSELF. A lot of people have lost themselves or spend hours and days chasing a fake persona that they try to be both in the social media world and in the real world. We are all unique. We are all amazing. So like my buddy always says “Be Yourself!”

Who are you? Like what’s your name? What do you go by?

I go by Nate, N8tron, but my name is… well go ahead choose one of the two. LOL

Where are you from?

I’m basically from Iowa. I live in Des Moines now, but have lived all over the state as a child into adulthood. My parents were musicians, teachers and hippies…

How did you become a cannabis influencer?

I really have never considered myself an influencer in the industry, only because I am really just a cannabis supporter that got some cool opportunities by being myself. I am a parent, first and foremost, with 4 amazing kids. I have owned and operated my own drywall hanging/finishing company for nearly 20 yrs now to support my family. So with that being said, I’m just a regular guy with a lot of tattoos, dreadlocks, and self expression. I have never really let society tell me how to look or behave, and cannabis has just always been there for me, so when opportunities come along for me to help show the world cannabis is not the harsh drug as it has been portrayed for so long, I just stepped up and took those opportunities so that people see that you can be a hard working regular dad, that also smokes or uses cannabis.

I’m sure if anyone knows Skunk Bags (last months review I did) then I’m sure they’ve seen you. How did you get with such a cool well known company?

So the story of how I became a model for SkunkBags goes right along with what I was just talking about. Around 2-3 yrs ago, an old friend from elementary school hit me up on Facebook, she explained to me that she had become a photography teacher and that she had a student living in Des Moines looking for some tattooed models. I, being the opportunistic person I am, said that I would meet up with this student and have my picture taken. So upon meeting him and taking photos, he explained to me that he worked for a company called SkunkBags. I had never heard of this company, but after he explained what they were and showed me some bags that he had with him, I had showed interest in owning one for myself. He said, well why don’t we take some pictures of you holding the bags and if my boss likes them we will give you one. I obviously said that sounds like a dope idea. Long story short, the boss man loved the photos. I now have 5 SkunkBags and am all over the website in photos and videos. And now I also work with SkunkBags at as many trade shows that they will have me at. Lol

What advice do you have for others wanting to do the model or influencer thing?

As far as me giving advice on how to get into the industry, I would say to just be a good person who also uses cannabis, be yourself around the people who you want to notice your positive position regarding cannabis, and just look for opportunities to use whatever skills you have to help the community. And when you do that with honesty in your heart, opportunities will arise for you.

In the midst of Covid-19 and events shutting down, you started a new hobby turned business. What is it and what inspired you?

So while working for SkunkBags at the Champs trade show in Vegas last March, I met a ton of amazing people. One of them being NM_BEARDED_MAN. He had invited me to take part in a virtual 420 celebration because of Covid-19 shutting down any real social events, virtual is how it had to be done. I ended up winning a giveaway during this celebration, and one of the prizes was a customized dab tool. I really enjoyed this prize and it sparked a creative side of me that I hadn’t really explored. I decided I wanted to try and make one myself. I did, and I fell in love with the creative process. New ideas and ways to customize the tools were all I could think about during the next few weeks. I shared a couple pictures on social media of what I had been up to and people started to ask me how they could get one for themselves. Soon I was making them left and right and eventually was spending all my free time making them.

What has been your least and most favorite part of being in the cannabis industry?

I would have to say my favorite part of the cannabis industry are the people. Such an amazing wide array of beautiful, talented, inventive and kind people in any industry I have ever been involved in. My least favorite thing is that some states are still in the dark ages and refuse to see the benefits of the wonderful plant. Therefore making it hard to be in the Industry at all.

Aside from all the smoke you jam in a few bands too, correct?

Music is a huge part of my life, I play in 2 bands as of Now. Callus is the all original Hard Rock/Metal Band. Buried in Smoke is a Tribute to the Slow Burning Stoner Rock tunes of the legendary band DOWN.

How long have you been drumming? What got you into music?

I have been a drummer since I was 8yrs old. I’m 45 now, so a long time now… lol. My dad is also a drummer and played in bands when I was younger, so that’s basically how I found my passion for music.

How do cannabis and music go together in your world and over all?

I must admit, I didn’t start using cannabis until I was 17, but once I tried it, I knew it was for me. Not only did my grade point average go up my senior year, my social anxiety disappeared as well. My life was forever changed by this magical leaf. It makes everything better for me, I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it’s for a lot of people. Just like music it brings people together in a positive way!

Ok ok, the business part of it all… lol How can people contact you for your tools and/or to book you as a music artist and/or model?

Anything I missed or that you want to add?

In closing, I would just like to say thank you to all the positive people in the industry… the ones that continue to do what they do to help people, not just make money off them… that love and respect each other even if they have similar products or ideas… people that continue to support and uplift others.

B…. Be Badass. Be Beautiful. Be yourself. Nate said it best. “ Be a good person and be yourself“ – it’s some of the best advice that can be given no matter what you want to accomplish in life. There is no point or time to try to fake yourself out to appear to be someone or something you are not. Great things come to those who are honest, real, and dedicated. So with that being said, I’m going to be me and smoke another fatty. LOL

Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan



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