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Modified Root Beer by Sonoran Roots

Modified Root Beer | Deli Style Sonoran Roots | Ponderosa

Holy Shit!! This flower is absolutely phenomenal and probably some of the best I have ever had the opportunity to enjoy. Popping the lid on that plastic tube I was hit with an uppercut of garlic and slight creamy sweetness straight to the nose. The smell made my mouth begin to water and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Pulling out the buds they were absolutely beautiful. The structure, the trichomes, the color – this definitely looked like the whole package. Breaking it down required a grinder as the buds were just sticky and resinous and the smell of garlic became even more pungent with that slight creamy sweetness still trying to hold on to the back end. Loading just one bong and finishing it in one hit I was lit! I could feel the effects creep up the back of my neck to behind my eyes and settle in my body; this definitely was the whole package. Strong, very strong and heavily sedative this strain is definitely not for the novice smoker unless you’re trying to go to sleep. To connoisseurs who enjoy that particular garlic terpenes profile but are looking for something just a little different, this may be the one for you. Get on over to Ponderosa and Tell them The Cannabis Cactus Magazine sent you. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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