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@medicine_bagz | Medicine Bag

@medicine_bagz | Medicine Bag

@medicine_bagz | Medicine Bag

Materials used for this bag are from one singular white-tailed alpha buck of 10 points brought down from the White Mountain of Arizona. Every piece of material comes straight from the earth, to the reservation, to his front door as gifts from family. The outer form of the bag and lash are made from the chest piece of the deer, so that you may have a strong and pure heart wherever you carry it. It is painted with flower and plant-based paints, then sealed with a mixture of beeswax and hemp oil. The inside is coated with buckskin from the neck of the deer, so whenever you speak you will be listened to, not just heard, for nothing is more regal than the call of an alpha buck that owns the mountain range. It is clasped with a silver snake design from the Apache people. The snake represents a creative life force - just like change in our lives, a snake sheds its skin to start over again. The sinew used to bind the bag is from the gut of this deer so you will always be hungry for new adventures and journeys. The sinew is bleached, then infused with beeswax and bioluminescent algae from the Gila River’s edge; the stitching will glow in the dark or black light. Contact @medicine_bagz to start your own special design today.


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