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Medicating with Friends

There are certain days within the lives of each one of us defining moments that call for a friend. Sometimes we cannot have a present friend in our lives. Even so, this doesn’t mean all is lost. We can find something magical in movies, and really- stories. Storytelling kind of defines us as people, but then again, there’s more to life than stories. I think at the end of the day we could all be content within knowing we have friends who stand with us. Life can get messy and icy at times. Not much we can do to change the tides. Let’s take a look at a few movies that might hold some silver linings for us when a friendship is all we’re seeking.

Friday came out in the sweet year of nineteen ninety-nine. Starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, this movie was actually the basis for life in the neighborhood based on DJ Pooh’s observations. DJ Pooh is ‘Red’ in the movie, knocked out by D-Bow for his bicycle cruiser. Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) enlists the help of Craig (Ice Cube) to repay his drug dealer, Big Worm. D-Bow also presents issues as the neighborhood block bully. I decided to relax and laugh with a strain known as Sherbhead, by Grow Sciences, for this movie. Sherbhead combines both Sunset Sherbet and and OG Kush to create a wonderful day time strain. This one isn’t super heavy yet it delivers a medicated high unlike any other. I felt uplifted and giggly as well as confident mood-wise. Watch Friday if you have or haven’t. It’s a classic comedy from the nineties starring some great actors. 

Saul Silver (James Franco, left), Red (Danny McBride, center), and Dale Denton (Seth Rogen, right) run for their lives in Columbia Pictures’ action-comedy Pineapple Express. The film is directed by David Gordon Green. The screenplay is by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg from a story by Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg. Judd Apatow and Shauna Robertson produce.

For the next movie I had an urge to go with a concentrate. I went for another Grow Sciences product, this time a live hash rosin known as Sundae Driver #4. The movie under review is Pineapple Express by Judd Apatow. Starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, amongst other recognizable actors, this movie came out toward the end of the two-thousand era. One piece of trivia that turns me on to watching this movie again and again is that James Franco is not a pothead; Seth Rogan is, and plays himself in the movie, more or less. James Franco, Saul, is Dale’s (Seth Rogan) pot dealer. Red gets pot from Ted, and Red has dealt Saul an extremely rare strain of weed known as Pineapple Express. Dale witnesses Ted murdering another individual, and leaves a joint of Pineapple express on the scene, linking Saul to the elusive witness to Ted’s crime. This movie is a slapstick comedy filled with wisdom. Another juicy bit of trivia- Item Nine Labs gets their name from Item Nine. It’s in the beginning of the movie so take a look this time around.

The Big Lebowski came out in the late nineties. It’s got a star studded cast of actors that will surprise you if you haven’t seen the movie. Flea from RHCP in fact plays one of the nihilistic Germans! “The Dude abides,” as the Dude says in the end. When I found out I had a golf ball sized tumor in my right frontal lobe, my father said I didn’t have to go to school the next day, and we rented and watched this movie (at age thirteen). I think secretly and subconsciously my dad was saying, “My son, some day you shall medicate with weed and be like the Dude.” But that could be a fool’s ramblings as well. The Dude goes on a caper to get his rug back. For this I choose Mimosa by Tru Infusion. This strain is a mix between Clementine and Purple Punch. Talk about a spirited boost of smoke! This strain will flourish the taste buds with citrus and floral grape. If you watch one movie this month, watch The Big Lebowski. It’s a guaranteed win. Tara Reid promises she’ll do things for a thousand dollars. Just saying.

These three movies and the choices of medicine selected are more than guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. One thing that I feel we sometimes forget about being a worthwhile medicine for anything stressful is comedy. When we laugh we seem to escape to places in our memories where things aren’t so bad. We realize that tomorrow is a new day, and that this too shall pass, whatever adversity we are dealing with. Maybe comedy is one form of entertainment that lightens the days and nights, melting away the worries with good medicine to remedy the burdens we encounter and carry. Nothing is fixed for good; that doesn’t matter with good company. Fellowship with medicine and friends will always win the day. Signing off is your lonely stoner and friend,

Dietrich Dash

Dietrich Dash is a local to Arizona, born in September of nineteen eighty-eight, in the town of Scottsdale. He enjoys listening to the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. In his free time, you can see him at local bookstores, hiking or hanging out in public areas with his chihuahua mix and pugs. He also frequents dispensaries across the valley in search of what the valley has to offer medicinally.



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