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Mac 1 Sugar Wax by Aeriz

Mac 1 | Sugar Wax Aeriz | Marigold Dispensary

Mac 1 a staple in the cannabis community and a very popular strain this Mac 1 did not lack any bit of the profile it is well known for. The smell was exactly as expected – earthy rubber with hints of gas that both blended very well once I dropped the glob in the banger. Taking a nice glob of this saucy sugar wax at about 550 Degrees, the terps immediately tickled my throat making me cough quite a bit. But while I was coughing, I could feel the effects just smack me behind the forehead and settle throughout my body. A nice physically relaxing but not sedative buzz that made for a great midday use definitely helped get the creative juices flowing and was able to still get some writing done. Great go to for anytime of the day or any tasks at hand, MAC 1 will definitely help you relax, take your time and get things done right. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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