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Loud Pax | Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush

Loud Pax | Lemon Kush

Nirvana Cannabis has hit it out of the park with their Lemon Kush strain, boasting a whopping 24% THC and 28% total cannabinoids. Packed with top terpenes like b-Myrcene, b-Pinene, and Linalool, this strain delivers a proper sensory experience. At just $20 for an eighth, Nirvana's line of Loud Pax genetics offers unbeatable value. From the citrusy notes of lemon to the earthy undertones, every puff is a delight for the senses. If you're in the market for high-quality flowers at a wallet-friendly price point, look no further, Lemon Kush is a testament to their commitment to providing fresh smoke and great value.

3.5g Mylar Bag


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