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Live To Blaze

We have all heard the sayings like “Born to Be Wild” and “Livin La Vida Loca”, but have you heard the saying “Live 2 Blaze”? I heard it a few years ago from a cool guy I met at the SRH Fest back in Huntington Beach, California. Times were good, weather warm, music was great, and we were definitely living that weekend to Blaze. After the fest we started following each other on Instagram. It’s there I started seeing Live 2 Blaze was more than just a saying. It was about fashion, life, and more, but I don’t know as much as DunnDunn. So, let’s all fire up some of that good good and chop it up.

DunnDunn? Live2Blaze? Who are you and what’s the base meaning behind it?

My name is JT Anello. The meaning behind it is living life to the fullest while smoking and enjoying life!!!

How old were you when you first smoked? Do you remember it well?

I kinda remember it. I was 11 the first time I smoked. I went home so nervous, lol, I thought my mom was gonna catch me.

Live To Blaze

How did you get tied into SRH and KMK?

Think I was a freshman in high school and had some friends that always smoked with me. They picked me up one day and they had this song called BUMP by Kottonmouth Kings playing when I got in and then we smoked and listened to that album over and over!!! Ever since then I have rocked the spade cause it’s a lifestyle and a movement that I stand behind. The spade represents Stoners Reeking Havoc.

What inspired Live 2 Blaze into becoming a brand and lifestyle movement?

What inspired it was getting ripped and chillin with friends and family has always been a highline in my life. Some of my best memories involved good cannabis and great company! So this is what made me think of LiveToBlaze: it’s more than a brand, it’s a way of life where you can be free and believe in what you want while tokin on cannabis, with some badass clothes to go with it.

What’s next for Live 2 Blaze or where can people catch up with you?

People can always hit me up on social media.or look for me in a City/State near you!! Phoenix, Las Vegas, California. Next for LiveToBlaze is to be at the Cannabis Awards Music Festival in the running for best cannabis apparel!!! Then we’ll be at an event called Errl Cup in Phoenix so stay tuned and keep an eye out!!

Live To Blaze

What’s some of your most memorable weed times you’ve had besides when we hot boxed the minivan with a pound?

This is a hard one because there have been so many good ones over the years. Think all the best ones are when I’m surrounded by groups of people, jamming to loud music and smokin with all positivity flowing. Those are epic times. I think those are the most memorable for me!!

What’s one crazy or cool thing you want to drop to the Cannabis Cactus fam?

LiveToBlaze is here in the Cannabis Community for more than just the brand we are here to push the limits, give back and support the reason we are all here: cannabis! It is almost legal on a federal level and we need to keep supporting and moving forward as canna fam.

Where can people find, follow, and buy Live 2 Blaze?

Well you can go to to grab some fresh merch or to contact me. You can follow me on all social media platforms:

IG @livetoblaze24_7 FB LiveToBlaze YouTube LiveToBlaze Tiktok @livetoblaze247

I’m pretty lit and I hope you are too…. Lol is there anything else you would like to add?

Remember LiveToBlaze!!!

Live To Blaze

Damn. Good stuff. Real life stuff. Stuff we can relate too. Well I know I can. Everything from worrying about my mom catching me to Bump Bump Bump that’s the sound of the…….what a great song. Honestly one of the first things I remember truly bumpin. LiveToBlaze is truly an OG passionately grown company. Rooted like a badass clone in the cannamunity. This just goes to show you that you can and should follow your goals and dreams.


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Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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